Side Projects


Simulate Sun, Rain, Thunderstorms, and Snow fall using nothing but HTML5 and Javascript! This demonstration shows how we can combine the HTML5 canvas object with JavaScript's setInterval function to create an animated environment that mimics the natural world.

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Word Search

Create custom word search puzzles using this hand-crafted interface. Input a list of words, various parameters, and generate a printer-friendly HTML page with your words hidden througout a block of random letters.

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Maze Generator

Generate a random maze given size paramters. Then, print it out or try the interactive maze solver! This application runs purely in JavaScript and uses HTML's table object and some CSS to create the printable maze pages. The maze itself is a 2-dimensional array of objects; very C++-like!

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Scarab of RA

An old shareware game I used to play as a kid gave me the motivation to revive the game into a modern platform. Using HTML5's canvas and JavaScript, I have brought back the step-motion game with a few new twists, playable in any modern browser. The objective: find the three ancient artifacts of King RA and make it out of the pyramid alive! The level design is heavily reliant on one of my earlier projects, the maze generator.


Keyword Search

In order to improve searching speeds of a given set of keywords through a group of text, I created the Keyword Search Tree Python class. This puts a one-time cost in building the tree, and drastically increases searching speed. Find out more and download now!

More Info
Some of the projects I have been part of or have led during my career as a web developer.

Some general skill sets I have include:

  • Python scripting
    • Extensive Library Experience
    • Web-crawling/scraping
    • ETL Processing
    • SQL Script Creation/psycopg2
  • Django Web Framework
    • Experience with many extensions and libraries
    • Class-based views
    • Template extension/inclusion and Django Template Language
    • Django-Apache configuration and CAS
    • Stand-alone Django application creation/exportation
  • HTML5/CSS3
    • Canvas Drawing
    • FileInput and client-side post-processing
    • Local Storage
    • CSS Transitions
    • Bootstrap and related Themes/Font Awesome
  • Strong JavaScript
    • Object-oriented Programming with JS
    • jQuery and jQuery UI
    • AJAX
  • PostgreSQL/MySQL
    • Query Optimization
    • Stored Procedures (PLPGSQL)
    • RAM-CACHE Database Setup and Maintenance
  • Multiple OS Experience
    • Work extensively in Linux (Mint/CentOS)
    • System administration of RHEL
    • IP Tables configuration
  • Management/Leadership Experience

I have a wide range of web-based experience across many technologies and stacks. I prefer to program in Python, and really enjoy working with HTML and JavaScript. I am thorough when it comes to designing database schemas and work hard to increase performance to its peak. Many of my projects are high-throughput, and require a fast, responsive system to store data and display aggregates of such.