CE 30460: Fluid Mechanics
    CE 30460 is a basic course in fluid mechanics, generally directed towards civil engineering students. It teaches the fundamental concepts behind describing fluids and their movement using physical laws. Knowledge of calculus and ordinary differential equations is highly preferred. In the civil engineering curriculum, this class is followed by hydraulics (CE 40450), which applies many of the basic fluid mechanics concepts to more applied problems.

    CE 60410: Advanced Fluid Mechanics
    CE 60410 is an advanced course in fluid mechanics, designed to take a more in-depth view through fluid mechanics and its application. It teaches fundamental concepts with corresponding computational and analytical solution strategies, and is aimed at beginning graduate students and upper-level undergraduates. It will be a useful precursor to advanced courses in turbulence, environmental fluid mechanics, stability theory, waves, oceanography, meteorology, and transport.

    CE 40420: Reactive Transport
    This course is designed to bring together many of the concepts developed in previous classes (fluid mechanics, environmental engineering, groundwater hydrology) and apply them to real systems in the environment. Basic questions will be addressed regarding the ultimate fate of constituents released into aquatic and atmospheric systems in the environment. In particular, we are interested in how these constituents are transported through media with which they may be reacting, and how this influences various engineering objectives such as contaminant prevention/remediation.