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Ph.D. in Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1998

Dissertation:  Public Schooling and Its Discontents: Religious Identities, Schooling Choices for Children, and Civic Participation. 


MA in Sociology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1994

The Taiping Vision and the Field of Cultural Production, 1837-53.


BA in Political Science, Bethel College, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1985





Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame, Department of Sociology, 2006- present                       

Fellow, Institute for Educational Initiatives, University of Notre Dame

Fellow, Center for the Study of Religion and Society, University of Notre Dame


Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame, Department of Sociology, 1999-2006                


Post-doctoral Fellow, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1998-1999


Survey Research Analyst, UNC Institute for Research in the Social Sciences, 1996-1998



Research and Teaching Interests


Education                          Religion                                   Political Sociology

Statistics and Methods       Culture                                     Social Movements      






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Other Publications


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Publications In Progress


David Sikkink. “Preparing for Family: Evangelical Protestant School Graduates and Involvement in Family, Church, and Community Life.” Book manuscript.


David Sikkink. “Religious Schooling and Educational Attainment in the United States.”


Kraig Beyerlein and David Sikkink. “A Conversation with an Atheist: Religion and Social Ties with Atheists.”


David Sikkink and Kraig Beyerlein. “The Company Religion Keeps: How Religious Tradition Shapes Characteristics of Close Ties.” Revised and resubmitted to Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion.


Kraig Beyerlein, David Sikkink, and Edwin Hernandez, “Protesting in a New Land: Why Latinos Participated in the 2006 Spring Immigrant Rights Protests”


David Sikkink. “The Correlates of Congregational Giving to Overseas Relief and Development Efforts.” 




Research Support




Cardus and the RDV Corporation, 2013-16. $450,000

“The Cardus Religious School Initiative at Notre Dame.”


In Medias Res Educational Foundation, 2013-14. $64,300.

“Civic and Moral Education in Evangelical Protestant and Pedagogically-focused High Schools.”


La Sierra University Center for Research on Adventist Education, 2013-14. $40,000

"Religious Schools and Ethnic and Socioeconomic Test-Score Gaps.”


Lilly Endowment. 2009-11. $545,000.

The Unfolding of Adult Spiritual Formation and Behavior: Wave Two of the Panel Study of American Religion and Ethnicity. Michael Emerson (Principal Investigator) and David Sikkink (Co-investigator).


RDV Corporation, 2009-11. $56,600.

Understanding Latino Congregations and Civic Engagement. David Sikkink (Principal Investigator) and Kraig Beyerlein (Co-Principal Investigator).


RDV Corporation, 2009-11. $38,500.

Reducing the Achievement Gap: Strategic Opportunities to Improve the Educational Success of Disadvantaged Latino and African American Children. Mark Berends and David Sikkink (Principal Investigators).


RDV Corporation and the VanLunen Foundation, 2009-11. $1.1 million ($330,000).

Christian Education Outcomes: A Quantitative Investigation of the Educational, Spiritual, and Civic Outcomes of Christian School Students. Principal Investigator for Quantitative Project. (Co-investigators: Ray Pennings, John Seel, and Deani Van Pelt.)


Templeton/Metanexus, 2006-7. $150,000.

The Dynamics of Spiritual Capital in US Congregations. Principal Investigator. (Co-investigators: David Campbell and Michael Emerson.)


            Lilly Endowment, 2003-07. $3.4 million.

Panel Study of American Religious Life. Principal Investigator. (Co-PI: Michael Emerson.)


            Louisville Institute General Grants Program, 2002. $50,000

Congregational Responses to September 11 (Co-author: Daniel Myers.)


            National Academy of Education/The Spencer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow, 2001-     02.

            $50,000.  Religion, Race, and Schooling Choices for Children.


            Pew Charitable Trusts, 2000-01, $1,500

Evangelicals and Civic Life. Paper topic: evangelicals and participation in public schools. (PI: Michael Cromartie.)


Fordham Foundation, 1999. $6,000 

Understanding Differences among Christian Schools in the U.S


            Pew Charitable Trusts, 1995-97. $348,000

Evangelical Identity and Influence-Strategies. Associate Director of Research. (PI: Christian Smith.)


National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Award, 1996, $7,500 




Religion Module, American National Election Study, 2008. $40,000

Organized, secured funding and wrote questions for module.


Center for the Study of Latino Religion, University of Notre Dame, 2002-03. $27,000

Religion and Educational Outcomes for Latino Youth


            University of Notre Dame, Institute for Educational Initiatives, 2004-05. $5,000 

Religion and School Choice.


            University of Notre Dame, 2000-03. $75,000 

Religion and Political Action-taking and Activism. (With Dan Myers and Benjamin Radcliffe.)


            University Research Council Small Grant, UNC at Chapel Hill, 1997. $2,600 

Religion and Homeschooling Parents. (With Christian Smith.)


            University Research Council Small Grant, UNC at Chapel Hill, 1996. $2,300 

Religious Identity Distinctions among Conservative Protestants. (With Christian Smith.)



Co-Investigator Grant Projects

Russell Sage Foundation, 2006-9. $93,000.

The Christian Conservative Movement and American Democracy (PIs: Steven Brint and Jean Schroedel).


Lilly Endowment, 2001-03. $4.1 million.

Youth and Religion. Co-investigator topic: Religion and Schooling Outcomes. (PI: Christian Smith.)


            Pew Charitable Trusts, 2000-02. $300,000.

Morality, Culture, and Religious Faith. Co-investigator topic: Conservative Religion and Civic Engagement. (PI: Christian Smith.)


Pew Charitable Trusts, 1998-2001. $643,000.

Religion and the Social Construction of American Public Life. Co-investigator topic: The Cultural Construction of Religion in the Legal Field. (PI: Christian Smith.)


            Lilly Foundation, 1997-98, $350,000

Adult Education at Church-Related Colleges. Co-investigator topic: Mission and Adult Education Programs at Church-related Colleges. (PI: Diane Winston.)