Portrait Douglas Thain
Professor and Associate Chair
Computer Science and Engineering
University of Notre Dame
384C Fitzpatrick Hall
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Douglas Thain,
Introduction to Compilers and Language Design,
Second Edition, 2020.
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I lead the Cooperative Computing Lab, where my team creates software that allows people to easily harness hundreds to thousands of computers from clusters, clouds, and grids. Our software is used around the world to solve large scale problems in many fields of science and engineering. I am always looking for excellent students to join the CCL Team. To learn more, watch this movie, read my blog, or visit my research lab.

Recent Publications

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My Ph.D. Graduates

  • Dr. Nicholas Hazekamp, Engineer at Atomic Object.
  • Dr. Chao (Charles) Zheng, Engineer at Alibaba.
  • Dr. Peter Ivie, Engineer at VidAngel.
  • Dr. James Sweet, postdoc at ND Center for Research Computing.
  • Dr. Haiyan Meng (Engineer at Google, Inc). 2017.
  • Dr. Patrick Donnelly (Engineer at Red Hat, Inc), 2016.
  • Dr. Haipeng Cai, 2015, (Postdoc at Virginia Tech)
  • Dr. Peter Sempolinski (Postdoc at Notre Dame), 2016.
  • Dr. Dinesh Rajan, 2015, (Engineer at Amazon, Inc)
  • Dr. Li Yu, 2013. (Engineer at Bloomberg, Inc)
  • Dr. Peter Bui, 2012. (Faculty at Notre Dame, previously University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire)
  • Dr. Hoang Bui, 2012. (Faculty at Western Illinois U, previously postdoc at Rutgers)
  • Dr. Christopher Moretti, 2010. (Faculty at Princeton University)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Hemmes, 2009. (Faculty at Auburn, previously Air Force Institute of Technology)
  • Dr. Kyle Wheeler, 2009. (Micron, Inc, previously Sandia National Labs)

Research Funding

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