Project Talks

The schedule for project talks is as follows:

9:30Michael Albrecht
9:45Pramita Mitra
10:00Kevin Cathcart
10:15Peter Bui and Aaron Dingler
10:30Robert Wettach, Alex Tomala, and Mark Doellman

Each talk will be allowed TWELVE minutes for presentation, followed by THREE minutes for discussion. The instructor will enforce this strictly, so as to give everyone the same amount of time. You should practice your delivery multiple times to make sure that you fit in the available time.

Your talk should be accompanied by 5-10 carefully prepared slides. A detailed diagram or graph is usually more informative than a bulleted list. Take care to address each of the following components:

  • Problem: What is the problem you are solving, and why should we care?
  • Solution: What is your general approach to solving the problem?
  • Architecture: What are the components of the system, and how do they work together?
  • Example: Demonstrate via screenshots or a live demo as to how the system works.
  • Evalution: Measure the performance, scalability, or expressiveness of your system in a material way.