Annotated Bibliography

(For graduate students in CSE 60822 Only)

Before proposing a specific course project, you will create an annotated research bibliography. An annotated bibliography is a list of citations to papers , each one accompanied by a paragraph that summarizes the paper. A good bibliography is the starting point for a solid research project, because it gives you a good sense of what work others have done, how it has been evaluated, and what sort of open problems remain.

You don't have to have a specific project in mind yet, but you should start by picking an area that interests you. Some ideas are:

Suggested places to search: To find very recent papers that have not yet developed a large number of citations, try browsing the proceedings of individual conferences and journals, like these: Your finished bibliography should have the following: Each entry should clearly indicate the author, article title, journal or conference name, year of publication, and hyperlink to the document. (You can use any reasonable citation format/typography as long as you are clear and consistent.) Each entry should be accompanied by one concise paragaph that summarizes the following aspects of the paper: This assignment is due on Friday, September 21st at midnight. Please submit a PDF document to your dropbox directory here: