CSE 40437/60437 / Paper Presentations

In-class Paper Presentations

In the week of April 21 of class, each group will give an oral presentation on a selected paper in social sensing and CPS. For the paper to be presented, you can select it from any paper listed in "medical sensing and privacy issues" (i.e., the week of April 21) on the course website or any other research papers that fall into the scope of social sensing and cyber-physical systems. You need to confirm with the instructor about your selected paper. If two groups happen to select the same paper, the group who confirms with the instructor earlier has the priority to keep their choice and the other group will need to select a different paper. So please confirm with the instructor at your earliest convenience. The deadline to confirm with the instructor about the presentation paper is Noon March 27 (Friday).

Each talk will occupy 15 minutes, followed by 3 minutes for questions, comments, and transition. Given the time limit, you must stick carefully to your message, and practice your talk multiple times with your group members. Each team member should speak for a portion of the presentation time. Keep in mind that you are not the authors of the paper, so you do not need to defend everything presented in the paper. Instead, try to exercise your critical thinking ability and make the presentation interactive. For example you can prepare some intriguing questions and sample the opinions from the class. You can also design and lead a mini-discussion-session on a few important limitations you find about the paper. Please also note that your classmates might not read the paper before, so please make sure you provide them with enough information about the paper so they feel comfortable to answer your questions.

Your talk should be accompanied by 10-15 carefully prepared slides. You may use any tool that you like to create slides, but you must email a draft of your slides to me in PDF or PPTX format by 2 pm April 13 (Monday) so that I can take a look and give you some feedback if needed. After that, please email me the final version of your slides by Noon on the day of your presentation so I can upload them to the computer in the classroom. (There won't be time for mucking around with laptops, cables, etc.)

A typical structure of the talk would include: Background/Introduction, Challenges, Solutions, Evaluations and Discussions, Limitations and Future Work.

Finally, be considerate of your classmates -- be present at all of the class sessions, actively get involved in the class discussion and finish an evaluation/feedback form of all presentations except your own.


Your grade will be based on the following rubric:
  • Does the presentation reflect the group's critical thinking ability?
  • Has the group read the paper carefully and prepared the presentation well?
  • Is the presentation interactive? Is the discussion part well organized?
  • Is the oral presentation clear and logical, with each group member participating, and completing the presentation within the time limit?
  • Did the project members attend everyone else's talks, ask appropriate questions and give helpful feedback?
  • Schedule

    Tuesday, April 21: Thursday, April 23:
    CSE 40437/60437 / Paper Presentations