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Jet Breakup Heated Slope Induced Circulation Flow obstruction Heated Horizontal Near-Surface Water Jet Jet In Long Cylindrical Cavity Two-Dimensional Grid Turbulence Hot Film And Ultrasonic Combo-Probe Calibration Stratified Wakes Whitefield Balloon Launch

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Environmental Fluid Dynamics

We are the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Group at University of Notre Dame. We are dedicated to the understanding and modeling of dispersion and transport phenomena in the atmosphere, oceans and industrial situations. We work on a wide range of problems with environmental implications, and host a cadre of graduate students, post doctoral fellows, research faculty, visiting faculty and teaching faculty. We maintain a seminar series to bring in preeminent researchers to exchange ideas and spark collaborations and teach a variety of specialized courses. The group operates out of Fitzpatrick and Cushing Halls of Engineering on the campus of the University of Notre Dame, and maintains a number of first rate laboratories for numerical, physical and field experimentation.

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The Environmental Fluid Dynamics Group develops and applies fundamental knowledge and novel tools to describe atmospheric, oceanic, limnologic, riverine, surface and groundwater flow and transport, their driving mechanisms, and their relationships to our global and local environment and built infrastructure. We are especially interested in tracking problems that can do greater good to our communities, in parallel with the Catholic character of the University of Notre Dame.

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We create solutions to problems related to environmental flows such as:

  • Energy extraction and storage
  • Global climate change
  • Flow-Structure Interactions
  • Risk and Uncertainty Analysis
  • Groundwater pollution
  • Tsunami and storm surge propagation
  • Air Pollution
  • Urban Fluid Mechanics
  • Indoor Air Pollution
  • Water supply and safety
  • Acoustic and electromagnetic propagation in the environment
  • Coastal and deep water oceanic flows
  • Ice mechanics
  • Sediment transport
  • Combuston

We study these problems using experimental investigations, field measurements, and numerical and theoretical modeling.

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