• Proficient programming languages: C/C++, MATLAB
  • Familiar programming languages: Python, Perl, MPI, CUDA, Mathematica, HTML
  • Programming tools: GitLab, Allinea DDT, Allinear MAP, Eigen
  • Visualization software: ParaView, VisIt, AvizoFire, Amira
  • Design software: AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Adobe Illustrator, Ipe

Project Highlights (to be updated)

Course work

      2017 Spring:

          AME90936: Computational Fluid Dynamics

      2016 Fall:

          AME60741: Computational Nonlinear Solid Mechanics

      2016 Spring:

          ACMS60212: Advanced Scientific Computing

          AME 60612: Mathematical Methods II

      2015 Fall:

          ACMS60650: Applied Partial Differential Equations

          ACMS60690: Numerical Analysis I

          AME60624: Continuum Mechanics

          AME60641: Advanced Mechanics of Solids

      2015 Summer:

          CSE60732: C/C++ Programming

      2015 Spring:

          AME50652: Intermediate Controls

          AME60654: Advanced Kinematics

          CE60130: Finite Elements in Engineering

      2014 Fall:

          AME60611: Mathematical Methods I

          AME60645: Advanced Mechanical Behavior of Materials

          EE60550: Linear Systems



117 Cushing, University of Notre Dame.


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