CoMSEL Facilities

Our lab is located in 150 Fitzpatrick Hall within the Computational Molecular Science and Engineering Laboratory. This new multi-disciplinary space houses the research groups of Profs. Maginn, Schneider and Stadtherr from Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Profs. Gezelter and Corcelli from Chemistry and Biochemistry. In addition to 8 spacious offices, there is a common area that seats 12, three small conference rooms, a visitor's office, a large seminar room and a kitchen / eating area. The design of the lab encourages collaboration among students and postdocs. Below are a few pictures of the facility.

Common space where undergradutes and new group members can sit and get some work done.

Inside one of the offices where students and postdocs work. Here, Hao Wu and Marcos Perez-Blanco are hard at work.

The CoMSEL logo in the seminar room.

Looking through the door of an office, to see Samir Budhathoki and Vlad Pomogaev at work. Notice the frosted glass shows the triple point of water...

Another view of the common area.

Edward Maginn