Event: Quakes and Shakes at Dickinson Middle School 2002

When: Monday, 4/15/02 (Visit #1) & 5/6/02 (Visit #2)

Where: Dickinson Middle School, South Bend, IN

EERI Members Participating: President Tracy Kijewski-Correa, Secretary Nelson Duran, Treasurer Ethan Kubatko, Webmaster Mike May and Aaron Vorwerk.

Summary: For the first time, EERI members visited Dickinson Middle School to challenge its students in the design of LEGO "masonry" buildings and K'NEX "steel" buildings. (25) 7th grade students participated in the program, forming 6 construction companies.


EERI President Tracy Correa gives our lecture on Earthquakes and introduces the students to the Lego & K'Nex project.

Midwestern students are shocked to learn that there are records of severe earthquakes occuring in the past in their area... namely the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811 - 1812




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