Each semester, EERI@UND brings in a speaker through EERI. In addition, the University of Notre Dame also hosted a series of lectures in the fall of 2001 called the Linbeck Distiguished Lecture Series. Finally, the Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences also supports visiting lecturers.


Here are some of the EERI speakers with a brief biography* and description of their talk (click on name):

Spring 2005
Leslie Robertson, Leslie E. Robertson Associates, NY, NY
Responsible for the structural design of hundreds of structures aroung the world including the World Trade Center (NY), US Steel Headquarters (PA), Bank of China Tower (Hong Kong), Puerta de Europa (Madrid), Continental Arena (Meadowlands). Recently named one of only 20 Structural Engineers named as Engineering News Record's Top 125 people of the past 125 years. Currently working on Clinton Library in Arkansas, and with Pei Partnership on Palm Beach Opera Center.

Spring 2004

Leo Argiris, Ove Arup, New York, NY
Principal, multidisciplinary consulting engineering firm; high rise structures, long-span structures, architectural/
mechanical components; LB Pearson International Airport, Corning Glass Center, Austrian Cultural Institute, Chiesa Dell'Anno 2000 in Rome, Italy; Austin Museum of Art, North Carolina Museum of Art. Also teaches at Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture.

Fall 2003

Bill Petak, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA Professor in the School of Policy, Planning and Development at the University of Southern California,Research interests involve an interdisciplinary approach to the management of technology, with special emphasis on reducing the risks associated with new technologies and natural hazards, EERI’s 2003 Distinguished Lecturer for his support of the implementation of new and improved natural hazard reduction public policies, especially building codes and land use policies.

Spring 2003

Mete Sozen, Purdue Univeristy, West Lafayette, IN
Kettelhut Distinguished Professor of Structural Engineering at Purdue University, Research interests include the development of professional design codes for reinforced and prestressed concrete structures and for earthquake-resistant design of reinforced concrete structures, EERI’s 2002 Distinguished Lecturer for his basic contributions to the seismic design of prestressed concrete structures through his research in experimental testing and structural analysis.

Fall 2002

John Hooper, Skilling Ward Magnusson Barkshire, Seattle, WA
Director of earthquake engineering, 125-person structural engineering and civil engineering firm. Over 17 years experience in seismic renovation, seismic design of new buildings, structural analysis, building code development. Active on various research and code committees. Recent projects include Hed Edmundson Pavilion renovation, Seattle open air football/soccer stadium, Museum of Glass, Bryant Street Pier Renovation in SF, many building evaluations after the Nisqually earthquake.

* From www.eeri.org


Below are some of the speakers from the Linbeck Distiguished Lecture Series:

Daniel Abrams
April 2002
Hanson Engineers Professor of Civil and Enviornmental Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Director of Mid-America
Earthquake Center
"Consequence-based Engineering Approaches for Reducing Earthquake Losses in Mid-America"

Eric Elsesser
March 2002
Founding Principal
Forell/Elsesser Engineers, Inc.
San Fransisco, CA
"The Search for the Perfect Seismic Protection System"

Sharon Wood
March 2002
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
University of Texas, Austin
"A Comparison of the Response of Precast Construction during the 1994 Northridge and 1999 Turkey Eathquakes"
Hiroo Kanamori
November 2001
John E. and Hazel S. Smits Professor of Geophysics
California Institute of Technology
Helmut Krawinkler
October 2001
John A. Blume Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stanford University

"Progress and Challenges in Performance-based Earthquake Engineering"
Joseph Penzien
October 2001
Senior Principal, International Civil Engineering Consultants
Professor Emeritus of Structural Engineering
University of California, Berkeley

"Earthquake Engineering for Transportation Structures
– Past, Present, and Future"
Thomas D. O’Rourke
September 2001
Thomas R. Briggs Professor of Engineering
School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Cornell University
"Geospatial Modeling for the Earthquake Response of Lifelines and Buildings"


Other lecturers hosted by the Department of Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences are listed below:

Minehiro Nishiyama
December 2003
Associate Professor

Built Envionrment Materials and Structural Systems Division
Department of Urban and Enviornment Engineering

Chris Poland
March 2000
President, Degenkolb Engineers
San Fransisco, CA
"Need for Better Analysis Tools and Evaluation Procedures"
"Achieving Acceptable Risk in Seismic Designs"

James O'Malley
October 1999
Senior Principal, Degenkolb Engineers
San Fransisco, CA
"Phase II of the FEMA/SAC steel project: Development of seismic design criteria and inspection procedures"