Eugene Halton
professor emeritus

Department of Sociology

The University of Notre Dame.



He is the author of:


From the Axial Age to the Moral Revolution:

John Stuart-Glennie, Karl Jaspers, and a New Understanding of the Idea

(Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)




The Great Brain Suck (University of Chicago Press, 2008)
Bereft of Reason (University of Chicago Press, 1995, paperback, 1997)
Meaning and Modernity
(University of Chicago Press, 1986)

The Meaning of Things, coauthor with M. Csikszentmihalyi

(Cambridge University Press, 1981) an enlarged version of Halton's dissertation

Also in German, Italian, Japanese and Hungarian translations


And coeditor, 2019:

Indigenous Sustainable Wisdom:

First Nation Know-How for Global Flourishing

Edited by Darcia Narvaez, Four Arrows, Brian Collier, Eugene Halton, and Georges Enderle.

New York: Peter Lang Publishing.




And selected additional publications

other news:


* Video from Author Meets Critics Session on Halton's book, From the Axial Age to the Moral Revolution, sponsored by the Karl Jaspers Society of North America in conjunction with the 92nd Annual Meeting of the American Philosophical Society, Pacific Division, San Diego, March 31, 2018.


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* See Halton interviewed on Christmas and Materialism, 2008. And also in 2011: Christmas and Consumerism

* Hear Halton on the National Public Radio show The Connection, speaking with Tom Litton from the self storage

industry and host Dick Gordon on the theme of "Storing the Self," from August 25, 2003: Storing the Self

Print Media


* An article on Halton by Bill Moor in the South Bend Tribune, Jumpin Gene Looks to New Heights After Retiring from Notre Dame

 May 17, 2020.


* Halton interviewed by Brian Resnick of Vox on Why objects can be more meaningful gifts than experiences December 23, 2016.


* Halton's contribution, What Could Possibly Go Wrong? to wallethub.com debate on the theme of Will Donald Trump be a Good President? December 15, 2016


* Rockne on the Move. Money is no object when it comes to moving quarter of a million dollar football coach statues at Notre Dame for single games.

South Bend Tribune photo by Halton.


* Halton reading his Fantasia on the Semi-Automatic Weapon at the Acorn Theater Open Mike, June 30, 2016.


* Notre Dame Magazine, Winter "Lists" issue, 2015, Eugene Halton, 10 Signs the Apocalypse is Upon Us.


* "Not Free": An op-ed on the militarization of the police, submitted June 28, 2014, before Ferguson incident, published August 26, 2014, South Bend Tribune.


* Interviewed on Huffington Post Live, November 25, 2013, on Thanksgiving Becomes a National Shopping Day


* A blog entry from September 28, 2011 on The Megapower Elite


* A blog entry from August 9, 2011 at Notre Dame Magazine on Where U At?


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* An Op-ed on Swine or "NAFTA" flu from 2009, responding to Indiana Health officials:  Recent op-ed on H1N1 flu leaves public ill-informed

* Read an essay from Notre Dame Magazine, "Spent," by John Monczunski, who visited Halton's class on materialism: Spent


* And another visit to the class by English actor Paul McCleary: British Actors Make the Classroom Their Stage


* And a short piece on Halton from The Bend Magazine, Fall, 2005: Jumpin' Gene


* From Jumpin' Gene's early high jumping and protest days, 40 years later, May, 2010: Tin Soldiers and Nixon Coming


* You can read a brief biographical statement here about the American philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce,
    the founder of pragmatism and the doctrine of signs known as semeiotic.

* And here is a brief biographical sketch of  Lewis Mumford , another American original, who Malcolm Cowley called the last of the great humanists.

* Another brief statement is on Charles Morris , a philosopher associated with semiotics, pragmatics, and George Herbert Mead's work.


Halton has also performed blues harmonica internationally. Click here for info on and samples of Jumpin' Gene's music

Gene playing with The Newports, performing Got My Mojo Working live.

Come celebrate The Newports album release party, Live at the Acorn, Saturday, Jul. 06, 2019 | 8:00pm ET (7:00pm CT). With Funky Mojo Daddy.

The Newports Facebook page is: The Newports

And with The Newports at The Jazz Showcase in downtown Chicago, Aug. 24, 2015: Shotgun, Tequila, Cold Shot


And here for a performance at Buddy Guy's Legends in Chicago in 2008 with the legendary performer, The Tail Dragger: Don't Start me Talkin'

Gene's lyrics for the song "Smoke and Mirrors" appear on the Rockin’ Johnny Burgin CD, Neoprene Fedora, 2017.

Gene's lyrics for the song "Empty Bed Blues" appear on the Rockin’ Johnny Burgin CD, Greetings from Greaseland, released in 2015.

Gene's lyrics for the song "Tow Truck Man" appears on the Willie Buck CD on Delmark Records, released in 2012.



Email address is ehalton@nd.edu


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