Ethan M.J. Lieber

University of Notre Dame

Ethan M.J. Lieber
Gilbert F. Schaefer Associate Professor
Director of Graduate Studies

Contact information:
3060 Jenkins and Nanovic Halls
Notre Dame, IN 46556


Working Papers

"The Demand for Skills Training Among Medicaid Home-Based Caregivers" with Chris Cronin

"Prescription for Disaster: Changing Physician Treatment Patterns and the Drug Crisis" with William N. Evans (draft coming soon)

Published Papers:

"The Drug Crisis and the Living Arrangements of Children" with Kasey Buckles and William N. Evans, Journal of Health Economics, 2023, 87, article number 102723 [.bib] [NBER version]

"Origins of the Opioid Crisis and Its Enduring Impacts" with Abby Alpert, William N. Evans, and David Powell, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2022, 137(2):1137-1147 [.bib] [NBER version]

"Drug Firms' Payments and Physicians' Prescribing Behavior in Medicare Part D" with Colleen Carey and Sarah Miller, Journal of Public Economics, 2021, 197, article number 104402 [.bib] [NBER version]

"Targeting with In-Kind Transfers: Evidence from Medicaid Home Care" with Lee Lockwood, American Economic Review, 2019, 109(4), 1461-85 [.bib] [NBER version]

"Regulating Markups in U.S. Health Insurance" with Steve Cicala and Victoria Marone, American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 2019, 11(4), 71-104 [.bib] [NBER version]
Previously circulated as "Cost of Service Regulation in Health Care: Minimum Medical Loss Ratios"

"How the Reformulation of OxyContin Ignited the Heroin Epidemic" with William N. Evans and Patrick Power, Review of Economics and Statistics 2019, 101(1), 1-15 [.bib] [NBER version]

"Does Insurance Coverage Fall When Nonprofit Insurers Become For-Profits?" Journal of Health Economics 2018, 57, 75-88 [.bib]

"Peer Effects in Financial Decision-Making" with Bill Skimmyhorn, Journal of Public Economics 2018, 163, 37-59 [.bib]

"Does it Pay to Know Prices in Health Care?" American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2017, 9(1), 154-179 [.bib]

"Medical Malpractice Reform, the Supply of Physicians, and Adverse Selection" Journal of Law and Economics, 2014, 57(2), 501-527 [.bib]

"Online vs. Offline Competition" with Chad Syverson, in M.Peitz and J. Waldfogel (eds.), the Oxford Handbook of the Digital Economy, Oxford University Press, 2012 [.bib]