Research in the eMotion and eCognition Lab

The eMotion and eCognition lab has the following new or ongoing research initiatives:

1.   Reacting to robots and avatars: How human-like are they?

2.  The dynamics of human imitation: Why are people are compelled to do what they see others do?

3.  Do you inhabit technology, like cyberspace and your mobile devices?  Some people do.  How does it change them?

4.  Online predators: How do they hide behind technology? Why do they do what they do and how can they be discovered?

5.  Response masking: Are you are less honest with some people? Some of us are.  How can technology-mediated communications (like email/texting) change one’s level of openness and honesty?

6.  Using Wii Fit and gaming technology for helping: How can this technology be used for measuring and rehabilitating balance in people with strokes or other balance disorders?

7.  Being a drone pilot: They inhabit their technology. What psychological effects does that have on them during their difficult missions?