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Candid Cameras Structural Changes A New Set of Power Tools
Candid Cameras

Because appearances can be deceiving, biometrics technologies are of vital importance to national security, but at what price?
Structural Changes

A College of Engineering facility ushers in a new era of biomedical engineering research at Notre Dame.
A New Set of Power Tools

From solar power to fossil fuels, consumers are asking, "What happens when the demand for energy exceeds the production of energy?"

College News

Department News

Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
• Paolucci Named ASME Fellow

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
• Faculty Honored for Publications

Civil Engineering and Geological Sciences
• Spores in New Orleans
• Westerink Briefs Congress on Advances in Storm Surge Predictions
• New Class of Materials Discovered
• Feasibility of Permanent Moon Base Questioned
• Project Confirms Skyscraper Design

Computer Science and Engineering
• NSF Awards Funds for Wireless Emergency Response System
• Poellabauer Receives CAREER Award
• Chen Honored for High-impact Papers
• Bowyer Receives Award of Excellence

Electrical Engineering
• New Instrument Produces Nanostructures without Lithography
• Bernstein Named IEEE Fellow
• IEEE Recognizes Haenggi and Tabuada for Highly Accessed Papers
• Laneman Receives Recognition from NSF and Thompson
• Multidisciplinary Team Demonstrates Magnetic Logic

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