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Why Study Engineering? Engineering student working in lab

Engineers are the innovators, planners, and problem-solvers of society. They are responsible for the ways in which people around the world communicate, work, and live. Whether they work in a lab with chemicals or behind a computer creating algorithms … whether they design airplanes or biomedical implants, engineers are focused on meeting needs and making an impact. They are always seeking quicker, better, and less expensive ways to benefit mankind. They are always thinking, “What if …”

If you like math, science, and technology, then engineering may be the perfect fit you. It offers opportunities at every level and in almost any field you can conceive … from project manager or software designer to senior information consultant or CEO.What if you were an engineer? What impact you would make on the world?

EG10111/10112 Course Sequence for First-Years

First year students First-year students at every university start their college careers taking foundational courses. As a Notre Dame engineering intent, you will be enrolled in courses to fulfill University requirements, but you will also be required to take the EG10111/10112 course sequence.

This two-class sequence provides an introduction to engineering systems and principles. Taught by regular faculty members, there are approximately 25-30 students in each section. In addition to one-on-one attention from your instructor, student assistants are available to answer questions and provide additional help.

As you progress through the course, you will work on a series of projects (four half-semester modules) where you will design, build, test, and document your work. In short, you learn to apply fundamental engineering skills while gaining practical design and team leadership experience in each of the disciplines offered through the college. To learn about past course projects, click here.

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Engineering News