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About the College of Engineering's McCourtney Learning Center

The McCourtney Learning Center is located on parts of the 1st and 2nd floors of Stinson-Remick Hall and offers each student in the College unique opportunities.

The McCourtney Learning Center is comprised of 7 rooms with computer and work tables, 2 specialty rooms for chemical and biological work, and a workshop. There are also 6 small breakout rooms for group work.

The McCourtney Learning Center houses the Electrical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering Seniors Capstone Projects.

First-year students will explore the many facets of engineering and how engineers work together to make a better world. Other students, already immersed in their studies, will use the McCourtney Learning Center as a cross between a computer cluster, a design studio, and a laboratory. They will create their own experiments, develop demonstrations, test mathematical models via advanced computer simulations, and fabricate prototype systems as needed for their programs of study.

In short, the Center strengthens the college's emphasis on experiential learning as it helps prepare young men and women to become engineers who will make a difference in their world.
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Students can perform computer simulations and build and test electromechanical devices and chemically-reacting processes using the equipment within the Center. Group work tables, a PC network, storage areas for student projects, fume hoods, compressed air, a vacuum system, and fabrication tools help students take full advantage of the facility.

Much of the equipment in the Center is based on engineering course activities. As such, the Center's equipment list will change from time to time to match student and faculty needs. For the current list contact the McCourtney Learning Center Manager.

The McCourtney Learning Center offers a wide variety of equipment for portable and tabletop activities. These include:

Equipment Built into the McCourtney Learning Center
• Audio-Visual Capabilities
• Fume Hoods
• Group Work Tables
• Lockers for Project Storage
• PC Network
• Work Benches
• Vacuum/Compressed Air
• Chemical-Proof Sinks with Hot and Cold Running Water

Equipment for Use
• Machine Shop Equipment
• Digital Multimeters
• Electrical Test Equipment-
      Power Supplies
      Function Generators
• Hand Tools
• Digital Oscilloscopes
• Soldering Irons
• Pumps
• Constant Stir Tank Reactor
• Scales
• Weights
• Handy Boards & Accessories

Equipment for EG 10111/10112 Course Sequence
• Catapult
• Pendulum
• Spring/Elastomer Calibration Structure

Equipment for AME 30331
• Small Wind Tunnel
• Fluid Metering Experiment

McCourtney Learning Center Modules Funded by GE
• Satellite Communication Learning Module
• Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS)
• McCourtney Learning Center Modules on Micro-Controller Interfacing
• Degradation of Organic Contaminants in Ground Water Flows

To suggest a useful piece of equipment or to donate materials to the McCourtney Learning Center please contact the Center Manager at or by calling (574) 631-7032.

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Engineering Courses Using the Center

EG 10111/10112: Introduction to Engineering Systems I and II
AME 40423: Mechanics and Machines
AME 50551: Introduction to Robotics
AME 30363: Design of Machine Elements
AME 30331: Fluid Mechanics
CBE 438: Chemical Process Control
EE 41430: Senior Design I
EE 41440: Senior Design II
EE 20224: Introduction to Electrical Engineering

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Scheduling Equipment Usage

Computers are available any time the McCourtney Learning Center is open as long as there is not a conflict with a class. Classes are scheduled in the McCourtney Learning Center from 9:30 a.m. to 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday, from 12:50 p.m. to 3:35 p.m on Wednesday and Friday.

No equipment may be taken out of the Center to perform an experiment or complete a project.

If you have any questions, contact the Center Manager at or by calling (574) 631-7032.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Student Assistant?
Student Assistants are hired on a semester-by-semester basis. While some of the Student Assistants will remain the same, due to scheduling conflicts the College anticipates needing to hire replacements for some of the assistants. If you're interested, stop by the McCourtney Learning Center or e-mail the Center Manager at

Can I use any piece of equipment in the McCourtney Learning Center?
Yes. Students with scheduled courses in the McCourtney Learning Center do have priority, but you can schedule and use any piece of equipment in the McCourtney Learning Center. However, some equipment requires training prior to use. This must also be scheduled.

Can graduate students use the facility?
The McCourtney Learning Center is open to all engineering students -- undergraduate and graduate. However, you still need to schedule equipment, and the facility is not available when classes are held in the Center.

Can equipment leave the room?
Absolutely not. If you take equipment out of the room, you risk losing all McCourtney Learning Center privileges.

How do I check out a piece of equipment?
There are a couple of ways to check out equipment. If the Equipment Checkout room is manned, a Student Assistant or McCourtney Learning Center Monitor will guide you through the process. If the room is not manned, see the McCourtney Learning Center Manager.

What do I need to check out equipment?
First, you'll need your student ID. Then, just sign the checkout sheet and the equipment, if available, is yours to use while you are in the McCourtney Learning Center. All equipment stays in the Center and must be returned before you leave. If you are working on a long-term project, arrangements can be made to store equipment in McCourtney Learning Center lockers. The Center will provide the lock.

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