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1.  "Growth or the Gap?  Which Measure of Economic Activity Should be Targeted in Interest Rate Rules?" November 2013, pdf

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Works in Progress:
3.  "Is a Period of Low Interest Rates a Good Time to Increase Government Spending?" with Julio Garin, Robert Lester, and Jonathan Wolff

2.  "Optimal Fiscal Consolidation" with Jonathan Wolff

1.  "Estimating Taylor Rules"

Resting Papers:
4.  "Differences in Quarterly Utilization-Adjusted TFP by Vintage, with an Application to News Shocks" May 2016, pdf.  Link to different data by vintages and replication materials, link (also NBER WP #22154, link), results subsumed in "Revisions in Utilization Adjusted TFP and Robust Identification of News Shocks"

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1.  "The Effects of Real Gasoline Prices on Automobile Demand: A Structural Analysis Using Micro Data" with Lutz Kilian, April 2006

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1.  Discussion of Blanchard, L'Hullier, and Lorenzoni "News, Noise, and Fluctuations: An Empirical Exploration" for the summer 2009 NBER EF&G Meeting: pdf 

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