01/07/2019: Yu Wang joined Liu's research group as a doctoral student. Yu has a BS in Mathematics from Beihang University in China and a MS in Applied Mathematics from Upenn. Welcome! Yu.

05/15/2018: Congratulations to Claire Bowen on successfully defending her dissertation on 03/27/2018 and being awarded a Ph.D. Degree in ACMS on 05/19/2018! She will be working as a post-doctoral researcher at the Los Alamos National Labs in New Mexico. All the best, Claire!

11/8/2017: Congratulations to Yinan Li on advancing to Ph.D candidancy! Congratulations! Yinan.

05/25/2017: Ashley Ahimbisibwe has been awarded full merit-based scholarships for the 2017–2018 academic year through the Clare Boothe Luce Program.  Congratulations! Ashley.

05/2017: Claire Bowen won the Calire Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Student Scholarship to attend the GHC Women in Computing conference in Oct 2017.
Congratulations! Claire.

01/2017: Claire Bowen won the Best Student Paper Award on the paper "Comparative Study of Differentially Private Data Synthesis Methods." (Bowen and Liu, 2016). Claire will present the paper at the JSM in Baltimore in Aug 2017.  Congratulations! Claire.