Folkheads --

You know, we spend so many great times together, and sometimes those are recorded on film. The problem is, everybody who takes pictures gets to see their own and maybe those of a few other people, but there are lots of pictures that should be shared with everyone... lots of embarrassing pictures ::cough:: and some just great ones. So here's the deal -- I know that I take lots of pictures. When I have time to put them online, I'll put mine here. But I want to see other peoples' pics too...

So... if you have pictures of FC events that you want to share with everybody, get them to me somehow and I will put them up here so that everyone can see them. You can do this 2 ways.

1) e-mail them to me as digital files.

2) bring your pictures to practice in an envelope. Put your name on the envelope. I will scan them and bring them back to you as soon as I can.

I hope this works out for everyone -- until then, just enjoy the pics I have up :-)

-- Katie

P.S. Oh yes, and you're also going to have to put up with my corny captions :-) You'll find ways to deal, I'm sure.