Fall 2002
Volume 4, No. 2

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Thoughts from a Fresh(wo)man
by Natalie Martinez (ND '06)

What an amazing two months this has been!! As a freshman at Notre Dame I have experienced what seems like a million new and wonderful things every day. I have been challenged, but I have been blessed. I have been nervous, but I have been excited. I have been busy, but I have been fulfilled. I have worked hard, but I have had a blast.

Making the transition from high school to college life has been quite an adventure, but when I look back at the last two months, I realize that I made it because I didn't have to do it by myself. God was with me all the time and he blessed me with a Notre Dame family that really cares about ME! I discovered that sense of family in the Folk Choir.

When I auditioned for the Folk Choir, I really had very little idea what I was getting myself into. I had heard the choir at orientation and they were good, but so were all the other ND choirs. The reason I chose to audition for Folk Choir was because anytime it came up in conversation I heard the same advice: "You just have to be in it." So I decided, "Why not give it a shot!" It was definitely the best decision I made since coming to Notre Dame. I have been blessed through the Folk Choir in two months far more than I imagined I ever would be.

I like to compare my first experience with the Folk Choir with going to a family reunion: I had no idea who anyone was but it seemed like everyone knew me. This at first was overwhelming, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I will never forget walking around campus that first week and being greeted by name by these random upperclassmen that I later learned were in folk choir. My other freshman friends were so impressed with the number of people I knew around campus. I have to say that I felt pretty popular for a lowly freshman.

My experience with the Folk Choir so far has been simply incredible, and I look forward to many more wonderful "adventures." My only hope is that the tingly feeling I get in my stomach when the choir breaks out in spirited song will never ever fade away.

Letter from the President
by Zach Linnert, (ND '03)

Four years can fly by.

In preparing myself for college, I attempted to prepare myself for the obvious changes: the winter, new environment, being 2000 miles from home. But I never stopped to prepare myself for the wonderful but brief years I had ahead - and now toward the end of my four years, I know there was no way I could have. To attribute my love of Notre Dame to occasions like football games, life in the residence hall, challenges in the classroom fails to grasp what has made my experience unique. In stopping to capture what has been special about my experiences, I must include the Notre Dame Folk Choir. Participating in a group that continually (and without awareness) brings joy to the hearts of listeners, and life to numerous and diverse liturgies has not only been a source of spiritual growth but an honor in just pure association.

And now, standing before the choir as their elected President, I cannot help but feel proud of this group as a family away from home, a home to which I can always return, and a support group that has never failed me in my days at ND. Many years from now when I reflect on the blessings I received at ND, I will still not be able to separate that joy that is ND from the joy that is the folk choir. It is through this realization that I hope to appreciate the remaining time I have with this amazing group of musicians, ministers, and friends.

So yes, four years do fly by. But time is irrelevant when the experience lasts forever.

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Choir Tours the Northeast!

This spring the choir toured the East Coast and Canada, stopping in New York City and Quebec City for some tourist relaxation between concerts. You can read Spencer McSorley's article about the tour here. (with pictures)


Senior Packets for You

For a few years, the choir has been making "Senior Packets" available to graduating Folkheads. These consist of a collection of the Folk Choir octavos, at a reduced price. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to own some Folk Choir music, and the Choir wasn't doing senior packets when you graduated, here's your chance! Mail a check for $30 made out to the Notre Dame Folk Choir to the address below, along with a note letting Steve know that you want a Senior Packet:

Steven C. Warner
Office of Campus Ministry
314 Coleman-Morse Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556


Contact the Choir -- Please!

This is our second issue of Strings & Wings (which we hoped would go out over fall break, but we're on folk choir time, you know ...). Please give us any feedback that you have about the newsletter, as we hope to keep improving it with every issue.

Also, we are still missing information for quite a lot of alumni. If you have any information about a missing alumnus, or your own information has changed, please write the choir at folk@nd.edu. We will update your information in the database so we can keep you in touch with what is going on in the world of Folkheads!

The website remains much the same as it was when the last newsletter came out, but feel free to look around and see what's around. And keep sending us news about yourself! This newsletter is for you, so you can keep track of not only what the choir is doing now, but what other alumni are up to as well ... so write, and write often!

Thanks for visiting -- we'll be back in a couple of months.

-- Katie Hakenewerth (ND '03), webmistress

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