Spring 2002  
Volume 4, No. 1

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Note from the Director
by Steven C. Warner

A great wave of nostalgia passed over me as I looked over the past issues of Strings and Wings, published so many years ago. And it was a helpful bit of nostalgia, for reading those early newsletters helped to exhibit just how far we've come in the past twelve years. Back then, we were trying to keep our little caravans together as we headed out by van to Ontario and the Great Lakes. Today (literally, in three days) we depart via 54 passenger bus for New York, Rhode Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec.

This is the day after Senior Last Visit, and so my mind is rather preoccupied with both the faces of dear singers who will soon be labeled as "alumni" (most of you know this feeling!) and at the same time with thoughts of what we must pack for tour: departure time 8:00am on Monday morning!

Even in the midst of many labors, its good to look back. This new version of Strings and Wings will be posted on our web site, and through email, we hope that all of you will be able to chart our activities and follow along with some of the news, big and small, that is affecting the ensemble of which you're all alums. Please pass this web site location along to former singers! Our goal is to have a complete listing of all our members, no matter the year. We're well on our way now… we've had great success due to the labors of Tim Callan, our previous year business manager, and Katie Hakenewerth, our web expert for the Folk Choir!

We're hoping to get out this electronic edition to all of you twice a year. Old favorites of the early newsletter included "Hatches and Matches" - a place to find out who got hitched and who's had recent additions to their families. This, along with other features on our web site, should keep you abreast of many of the things going on, both in the Choir and in the ranks of the more than three hundred and fifty alums scattered around the globe.

For now, here's a hint of some things that we look forward to in the next two years:

o This year's spring tour: Irvington, NY; Portsmouth, RI; Halifax, NS; Port Hawkesbury, NS; Moncton, NB; Quebec City, PQ; and Montreal, PQ
o Concert for the Missions (October 12, 2002)/Pittsburgh
o Recording a new collection of sacred music (January, 2003, with release date of summer 2003).
o Spring Tour 2003: Terre Haute, IN; Dayton/Kettering, OH; Toledo and Cleveland, OH; Buffalo, NY; and Stratford, Ontario. And, of course, in 2004 we may just head over to Ireland again!
o National Pastoral Musicians Conference: July, 2003, in Cincinnati, OH.

Older folkheads will insist that the choir is way too big, but I've got news for you all: we've held on to this figure for the past eight years, and it's a big, comfortable, fun-filled ensemble! Tours these past few years have been nothing but exceptional fun and good music, all rolled into one.

And now, with the generous support of World Library Publications, we have professional programs for all our concerts. With more than 50 published octavos in the Songs of the Notre Dame Folk Choir series, it's been a joy to see this repertoire spread around the country - even to other English speaking countries.

So, read on, let us know of your whereabouts, and don't hesitate to suggest ways to keep this space lively and interesting!

Yours in Notre Dame,


In This Issue:
p.1 Welcome Back!
p.2 Letter from the Director

p.2 Spring Tour Information
p.1 Social Events
p.2 Senior Packets for Alumni!
And more, of course...

Choir Tours New England/Canada!

This spring the choir is touring the East Coast and Canada, stopping in New York City and Quebec City for some tourist relaxation between concerts. For information on where the choir will be when, as well as contact information for their concerts, check out the Tour Page at http://www.nd.edu/~folk/springtour2002.html. We would love to have you hear us and maybe join in!

Senior Packets for You

For a few years, the choir has been making "Senior Packets" available to graduating Folkheads. These consist of a collection of the Folk Choir octavos, at a reduced price. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity to own some Folk Choir music, and the Choir wasn't doing senior packets when you graduated, here's your chance! Mail a check for $30 made out to the Notre Dame Folk Choir to the address below, along with a note letting Steve know that you want a Senior Packet:

Steven C. Warner
Office of Campus Ministry
314 Coleman-Morse Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556


Contact the Choir -- Please!

This being our first issue in the comeback of Strings & Wings, we don't have much information from YOU yet to put in; we only know what's going on within the ND bubble, dontcha know. One of the features of the old newsletter was a section called "Matchings & Hatchings," to let everyone know when Folkhead alumni got married or had new folkheads of their own. If you fit into one of these categories, or you know someone who does, please forward the information to Katie. We will do our best to put everything into our next issue, which will come out in the fall. And if you have any other information about yourself which you'd like to update (addresses, e-mail, phone numbers, jobs, etc.), send it to Tim Callan, and he'll make sure it goes in our database.

Also, please feel free to share the wealth! Let your alumni Folkhead friends know about Strings & Wings, and let them know that if they contact the Choir, they can be put into our ever-growing database of old(er) folkheads so they can keep in touch with what's going on!

Thanks for tuning in, we'll be back in the fall!

-- Katie Hakenewerth ('03), webmistress

Contact Information

Notre Dame Folk Choir
Office of Campus Ministry
314 Coleman-Morse Center
Notre Dame, IN 46556

(574) 631-7800

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