Matches & Hatches
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Beth (Buckingham) McIntyre ('00) was wedded to Patrick McIntyre (ND '99) on Januray 4, 2003 at St. Clement Church in Chicago, IL.

Melia Checchia ('99) married Matt DiRusso on July 11, 2003, on Long Island.

Katie Hakenewerth ('03) and Peter Sweeney ('03) will be married at Notre Dame on September 4, 2004.

Renee LaReau ('96 flautist) was married to fellow Domer Jim Schmiedeler on August 9, 2003 at the Basilica. After the wedding, they will live in Columbus, OH.

Deborrah (Patton) Ezell married Wade Ezell on January 30, 2003. He is currently serving in the Middle East, and she is teaching high school Biology at a catholic high school in Atlanta, GA.

Eleanor Marie Hartz was hatched to Megan (Conway) Hartz and Christopher Hartz on November 11, 2002. She has already heard Steve cantor at the Basilica and is looking forward to hearing the Folk Choir sing at her next visit.

Kristen Lynch is currently living in Chicago and has 3 beautiful children: Griffin (4), Eleanor (3), and Franklin (6 months). She is the assistant music director at her church, Queen of Angels, and directs a contemporary choir which strives to be a lot like the folk choir. They are always looking for new members (hint, hint)!

Jennifer Monahan and her husband Kevin and have a beautiful baby girl, Katie, who was born Oct. 26, 2002 -- she's almost 10 months old right now. Jennifer sings her lots of Folk Choir music!

Laura Portune is now a professional opera singer, having sung roles with San Diego Opera, Des Moines Metro Opera, Lake George Opera, Opera Columbus, and Lyric Opera of San Diego, as well as concerts with the North Czech Philharmonic and the Chicago Chamber Orchestra. She recently made it into the finals for the Chicago Lyric LOCAA program, and is currently auditioning with management. She spent the last three months in Italy becoming fluent in Italian and plans to travel to France to add that language to her list.

Samantha Snyder ('99) graduated from the University of Texas School of Law this spring. After taking the Texas bar exam, she will head to the Texas-Mexico border region (McAllen, Texas) to clerk for a federal judge for one year.