Another Spring Summer, Another Strings & Wings!

Welcome to the Spring 2003 edition of Strings & Wings! We have been doing this newsletter online for the past year (two whole issues! Wow!) and have had much success with it. We have expanded our contact with you, the folkhead alums, so that our database has grown exponentially since Tim Callan started it in the fall of 2001. The format is new for this issue, but we think that it is a little easier to navigate and read. This newsletter (and the Alumni section of the website) is primarily a resource for you to keep in touch with the Folk Choir and your friends there. This is especially important now with the Folk Choir Silver Anniversary Reunion coming up in 2005 ... we can keep you informed of plans and get feedback from you as needed. We think that Steve needs a new silver sweater-vest to commemorate the occasion ... what's your opinion?

To all of you who have never seen Strings & Wings online before, we especially welcome you. You are now getting our newsletter because you are newly in the database. This happened either because you contacted us, or someone who knows you gave us your contact information. If you want to see past issues of Strings & Wings that you missed, please go to the Alumni page. There you can also update your information for the database if you have changed e-mail addresses or if we need more information about you.

Katie Hakenewerth