Freshman Perspective
Katherine Schilling '10

It is the night of my first rehearsal as a member of Notre Dame Folk Choir. Our room on the third floor of the Coleman-Morse Center brims with the energy of a new year, and flurries of laughter melt in the room's warm glow. Towards the end of a joyful and productive rehearsal, we begin to review (or for us "Newbies"—learn) The Lord's Prayer, written by our inspired Steve Warner. "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name," we begin in unison. Then with the familiar words, "Thy kingdom come, thy will be done…" we divide into four-part harmony. More than fifty shimmering voices wash over me, crashing over my seat in the front row. "… On earth as it is in heaven…" Lifting my gaze to the vaulted ceiling, my eyes become blurry as tears spill onto my cheek in a salty stampede. I tighten my grasp on the warm hand gently holding mine, and I suddenly realize that I am crying for the first time since I waved goodbye to my family, friends, and home in Kansas City. I suddenly realize that through my silent tears I am beaming in the company of the most welcoming group of friends I have ever known. In the music of the Folk Choir, I suddenly realize that I am living my dream… I am truly a student at Notre Dame.

Katherine Schilling
Daughter of Susan Miller Schilling, Folk Choir 1982-86