Notre Dame's Easter Joy

Easter time at Notre Dame. From the Palm Sunday procession and the distinguished liturgies of Holy Week straight through to that crisp Sunday morning, the Folk Choir (along with the rest of campus) quickly becomes absorbed mind, body, and soul in one of the high points of the Notre Dame year. Life returns to the Notre Dame campus as the winter thaw reaches a close to usher in the long overdue spirit of spring.

The Folk Choir stands in top form up in the loft, ready to deliver their Easter anthem to a full Basilica after weeks of rehearsing Glorias and Alleluias all to themselves. The Mass is electric, energizing, festive, and hopeful, alive with notes from flute, strings, trumpet, and organ in rhythm with tambourine, bells, and drums. As a choir, we rediscover anew the reason for our ministry, and as members of the larger Church, we join in the celebration of Christ's resurrection, a celebration that at Notre Dame will fuel our prayer for countless weeks and months to come.

Although it is currently below freezing in South Bend with intermittent snow showers (go figure), it is still amidst this great excitement and awesome mystery at Easter that the Folk Choir presents this fresh edition of Strings & Wings to you after a short hiatus. A very special welcome to all of our alumni, supporters, and fansówe're honored to know that our ministry as a choir continues to be in your thoughts and prayers. Please enjoy this newsletter and use it to catch up on all the latest efforts and goings-on of the Folk Choir both at Notre Dame and throughout the country. A big thank-you goes out to the staff, officers, and contributing writers from the choir, without whom this newsletter would not be possible. From all of us in the Folk Choir, we wish you a very blessed and joyous Easter season.


Geoffrey Mooney