Modeling Social Behavior with Aggregated Location Requests

Modeling Social Behavior with Aggregated Location Requests
Kipp Jones, Chief Architect, Skyhook Wireless.

Friday, October 23rd 2009
OIT ITC Building, Video Access Grid Room 121
Please RSVP by Tuesday, October 20

Skyhook Wireless is best known as the provider of location services for mobile devices such as the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch. With tens of millions of devices generating hundreds of millions of anonymous location requests from around the world, Skyhook is in a unique position to observe and study aggregated user behavior. In response, Skyhook has developed novel techniques to analyze and leverage this immense and highly dynamic data set. Understanding user activity allows Skyhook to characterize social behaviors as they appear and evolve. Further, identifying these patterns and events facilitates the development of predictive models for users and groups. Kipp will describe and discuss some of the analytical methods Skyhook uses and present prototypical results based on actual user behavior.

Kipp is currently responsible for the data acquisition, management and processing of Skyhook Wireless's data and related architecture. This work spans areas such as primary data acquisition, spatial and temporal analysis of data for improving system performance, and operational optimization. Prior to joining Skyhook, Kipp spent more than 15 years developing technology and strategy for a number of early stage companies. His technology focus has been centered on information management using internet- and web-specific technologies. He received his BS in Computer Science from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in 1988, and an MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 1995; he is completing his PhD in CS at Georgia Tech, where he achieved ABD status in 2007.