Project Grand

vital statistics

longitude: 86o 13' W; latitude: 41o 42' N

quantity symbol value
number of detectors  N 64 huts
recorded muon rate per detector Rmu 37.5 mu sec-1 det-1
total observed muon rate N*Rmu 2400 mu sec-1
instantaneous data rate  Rreadin 600 MHz
muon event fraction  Rmu/(Rmu+Re) ~ 75%
muon detection threshold  Eth 0.1 GeV**
single cell; width, height  w,h  14 mm, 10 mm
vert. spacing between planes  200 mm
total number of wires  N*W  40,960 
single detector area  S 1.29 m2
total 64 detector area  N*S 83 m2
total area of GRAND  A 10,000 m2

**Sensitive to vertical muons with E > 0.1 GeV at GRAND; to survive in-flight decay and ionization energy loss, cosmogenic muons must originate with Eth > 2 GeV

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jvt, ts, jp / feb, 2008

bdf,jp / mar, 1998