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06/11/10 Janet Meakin Poor Research Symposium, Assisted Migration of Plants, Chicago Botanic Garden

Articles about managed relocation in the peer-reviewed literature:

This list has become out of date; to find some other relevant papers, see the Collaboratory for Adaptation to Climate Change and its group on managed relocation.

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Articles about managed relocation in the media:

01/23/2007 New York Times.  A radical step to preserve a species: assisted migration.

Jan/Feb 2007  Conservation Magazine.  When worlds collide.

02/17/2007 Globe and Mail.  The new climate almanac.

06/21/2007 Christian Science Monitor. One way to help species facing habitat loss: ‘escape routes.’

10/06/2007  New Scientist.  Assisted migration: helping nature to relocate.  

12/26/2007  Moving on up: conservationists have begun to broach a taboo

May/June 2008  Orion Magazine.  Taking wilderness in hand:  rescuing species.

06/16/2008.  Global warming: research reports from University of Louvain provide new insights into ecology.

07/17/2008 Wired.  Last-ditch resort: move polar bears to Antarctica?

07/17/2008 National Geographic News.  Move species threatened by warming, scientists advise.

07/17/2008 Scientific American.  Deporting plants and animals to protect them from climate change.

07/17/2008  Global warming experts recommend drastic measures to save species.

07/18/2008 Science Daily.  Should we move species to save them from climate change?

07/18/2008 Environmental Research Web. Moving species threatened by climate change.

07/18/2008 AP/  Should we move species to save them?

07/20/2008 Medindia. "Assisted migration of species" could save wildlife from global warming.

07/23/2008 Discovery News.  Moving species to save them: pros and cons.

07/28/2008 WashingtonPost.Com.  Time to play God with wildlife?

08/28/2008 Nature Reports.  Moving on assisted migration.  

10/13/08 Boston Globe.  Driving Mr. Lynx.

02/09  Science et Vie (France).  Des espèces placées sous assistance migratoire.

02/7/09  Weekendavisen (Denmark).  Store flyttedag.

03/09  Scientific American.  Can ‘assisted migration’ save species from global warming?

04/20/09  Yale Environment 360.  As climate warms, species may need to migrate or perish.

05/26/09  National Science Foundation (press release). Racing the clock: rapid climate change forces scientists to evaluate extreme conservation strategies

05/26/09 Daily Telegraph (UK).  Rare animals ‘to be moved from native habits because of climate change’

05/26/09  CBC (Canada).  Scientists propose helping wildlife relocate due to climate change.

05/26/09  ClimateWire. Adaptation: when and how should you move an endangered species?

05/26/09  ScienceDaily.  Rapid climate change forces scientists to evaluate ‘extreme’ conservation strategies.

06/06/09  Stanford Report.  Deciding when to move plants and animals to save them from global warming

06/09/09  US News and World Report.  Rapid climate change forces scientists to evaluate conservation strategies

06/09/09  Cape Argus (South Africa).  SA scientist is part of international team doing ground-breaking work.  (subscribers only)

“There are many big, controversial questions about climate change and some of the most intensely debated are whether, when and how species whose habitats are being threatened should be artificially relocated to new, hopefully safer, habitats...”

06/10/09 Climate Feedback ( Visualizing the assisted migration argument.  

06/16/09 Center for Invasion Biology, Stellenbosch University. To move or not to move? Scientists debate the pros and cons of managed relocation to save species affected by climate change.

06/18/09 Nature. Planting the forest of the future: while conservation biologists debate whether to move organisms threatened by the warming climate, one forester in British Columbia is already doing it.

07/19/09 Associated Press. Should we deliberately move species?

08/07/09 Scientific American.  Some California amphibians may need a lift to survive climate change

08/17/09 South Bend Tribune.  Native plants force question about moving trees, insects

Sept/Oct, 2009 Canadian Wildlife. Just how much should we do for a species at risk?

11/10/09 New York Times.  A hunt for seeds to save species, perhaps helping them move

11/30/09 CBC News.  Climate change turns conservationists into triage doctors.

05/10 Audubon Magazine. Guardian angels.

05/11/10 Confronting the biodiversity crisis. Nature Reports Climate Change 4: 51-54.

09-10/10 Moving Day. Science Illustrated.

09/24/10 Science Magazine. Home, home outside the range?

Letters to the editor:

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Articles about managed relocation in the “gray” literature:

Barlow, C., and P. S. Martin.  2005.  Bring Torreya taxifolia north now. Wild Earth Fall/Winter: 52-56.

Schwartz, M.  2005.  Conservationists should not move Torreya taxifolia. Wild Earth X: 1-4..

Sax, D., and J. Williams.  2007.  Assisted migration: evaluating the merits of a newly proposed conservation strategy.  IBS Newsletter:  summer.

Video stories about managed relocation:

07/28/09 CBC video on assisted migration for forests in British Columbia.