Brief(!) glimpse of Jessica Hellmann, new grad student, Jishan Liao, and our greenhouse facilities in new Notre Dame football commercial (Fall 2012)

Mark Schwartz radio interview about our recent BioScience paper on managed relocation (Sept. 2012)

Press release from the American Institute of Biological Sciences about new Schwartz, Hellmann, McLachlan, Sax et al. paper in BioScience; paper contains final recommendations from the international Managed Relocation Working Group (July 2012)

A conversation with Hellmann about de-politicizing climate change and climate change adaptation in Notre Dame Magazine (Summer 2012)

Article in LiveScience’s series, ScienceLives, personal stories about NSF-funded scientists (May 2012)

Nature. Climate scientist guides lab in devising mission statement and ‘branding’ its research (Mar 22, 2012)

Mother Jones magazine. Should we move creatures threatened by climate change? (Jan./Feb/2012)

Rambunctious Garden, a new book by Emma Marris, includes some time in the field with the Hellmann Lab (excerpt in Scientific American)

Press release about interdisciplinary NSF grant on the main page of the Notre Dame website (Jan.4, 2011)

Article about climate change in Chicago, Chicago Tribune (Sept. 14, 2010)

Article in the Epoch Times about Shannon Pelini and research in the Hellmann Lab (Sept. 20, 2009)

Article on Livescience.com about insects and climate change by NSF staff writer, Lily Whiteman (July 3, 2009)

ND Newswire press release about paper on limits to geographic range change, published in PNAS (June 23, 2009)

Hellmann interviewed on Earthbeat Radio (June 17, 2009) -- click here to listen

ND Newswire press release on managed relocation paper published in PNAS (May 26, 2009)

National Science Foundation press release (May 26, 2009)

Hellmann interviewed for National Science Foundation & Research Channel program on climate change (Feb., 2009)

Notre Dame Magazine, Where the wild things will be. (Fall, 2008)

University of Notre Dame News & Information, Flight of the butterfly: assisted migration and the environment (video). (July, 2008)

The New York Times, A radical step to preserve a species: assisted migration.  (Jan. 23, 2007)

San Francisco Chronicle, A warming world: spring gets out of sync.  (Dec. 14, 2006)

Mail Tribune (Medford, CA), Cold, wet spring beats back butterflies.  (May 15, 2006)

Record Searchlight (Reading, CA), Fluttering down: unusual wet spring causes decline in butterfly population. (May 11, 2006)

Nature Magazine, Review of “On the wings of checkerspots.” (Oct. 28, 2004)

Science Magazine, Review of “On the wings of checkerspots.” (Sept. 24, 2004)

Science Magazine, Editor’s Choice. (May 10, 2002)


Follow the 2013 Notre Dame conference, Climate Change and the Common Good. Coming April 8-10

Congratulations to graduate student, Sean Ryan, on passing his oral proposal defense and winning a Sigma Xi grant, all on the same day, December 2012

Our collaborative project on the endangered Karner blue butterfly is featured in National Park Service news on climate change, with a description of summer intern, Tatyana Liakhova

Welcome to Ashish Sharma, new postdoc on the climate change adaptation team here at ND, and Jishan Liao, new grad student, Fall 2012

Congratulations to Jen Carroll for successful completion of her masters, Fall 2012

The Technical Input Team for Biodiversity, Ecosystems, and Ecosystem Services to the 2013 National Climate Assessment releases its report, available here August 2012

Visit the Hellmann Lab at the Ecological Society of America meeting in Portland, OR: Hellmann talk, Ryan poster, August 2012

Congrats to postdoc, James Lukey, for his new position with the Univ. of Illinois and Illinois Natural History Survey, July 2012

Very happy to have high school students in the lab this summer, Disha Waghray and Andrew Hildreth, Summer 2012

Congratulations to undergrads Brian Argus and Kevin Towle on their graduation, May 2012

The Hellmann Lab is excited that Stephanie Crook, a teacher at Portage High School in Portage, IN will be joining our lab this summer as a RET, Summer 2012

We welcome Frank Bouchard to the lab who will be joining our Karner blue research team. And we welcome back, Sarah Snyder, Spring-Summer 2012

Congratulations to Shawn O’Neil for successfully defending his dissertation! March 2012

Former PhD student, Shannon Pelini, will join the faculty at Bowling Green State University in Fall 2012. Congratulations Shannon! March 2012

Congratulations to Caroline Williams for successfully defending her PhD, starting a new postdoc at the University of Florida, and receiving news of papers accepted at PLoS One and Climate Research, March 2012

Technical input team on biodiversity and ecosystems for the National Climate Assessment meets in Palo Alto, CA, Jan. 2012

CONGRATULATIONS to former lab member, Kirsten Prior, on her new baby girl, Morgan! Nov. 2011

Master’s thesis project by Jill Mueller published in the Australian Journal of Botany, about the effects of drought stress on Australian tropical trees, 2011

Article by Hellmann and colleague, Michael Pfrender, in special issue of Conservation Biology about the future of the discipline, celebrating the journal’s 25th anniversary, Nov. 2011

Public seminar series for the fall semester, “What Sustainability Means to Us,” launches on Aug. 30, 2011 with presentation on climate change by Hellmann

Congratulations to Grace Wu, recipient of a 2011 NSF Graduate Fellowship, April 2011

New Minor in Sustainability in announced for undergraduates of all majors at Notre Dame; created by Hellmann and colleagues and run by M. P. Miglietta, March 2011 (news article)

Jessica Hellmann is selected as a 2011 Leopold Leadership Fellow, March 2011 (press release)

Congratulations to Kirsten Prior on receiving a postdoc fellowship from the University of Toronto!March 2011

New papers by graduate students Kirsten Prior and former student Shannon Pelini appear in Ecology and Global Change Biology, Dec. 2010

Our team of researchers at Notre Dame working on climate change adaptation for ecological systems was awarded $1.55M from the National Science Foundation. Investigators include Nitesh Chawla (computer science), Jessica Hellmann (biology), Debra Javeline (political science), Omar Lizardo (sociology), Jarek Nabrzyski (Center for Research Computing), and Alejandro Camacho (law), Sept. 2010

Caroline Williams wins the Scholander award from the American Physiological Society for her presentation, “Energetic costs of increasing thermal variability: an exploration of the mitigating effects of plastic Lepidoptera.” The Scholander Award is the most prestigious young investigator award presented by the APS in the field of comparative physiology, Aug. 2010

Welcome Grace Wu! Grace is a new technician leading our Karner blue experiments. Grace is a graduate of Pomona College, has a master’s from Cambridge, and is a native Californian. She has an excellent background in molecular evolutionary biology and now is developing expertise in conservation biology. Aug. 2010

A new crop of undergrad researchers and field technicians will join the lab for Summer 2010. Welcome to Kevin Jennison (Grinnell College), Alyssa Paz de Araujo (Tulane University), and Jay Falk!

The University of Notre Dame makes a Strategic Research Investment to Hellmann and colleagues to pursue interdisciplinary research on climate change adaptation, March, 2010

Kirsten Prior receives a Bayer Fellowship from the Center for Environmental Science and Technology at Notre Dame, July, 2009

The Hellmann Lab has two papers published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences -- one lead by Shannon Pelini in collaboration with Brent Sinclair and Caroline Williams at the University of Western Ontario; the other a product of the Managed Relocation Working Group, June, 2009

Hellmann is the keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the Trilateral Committee for Wildlife and Ecosystem Conservation and Management, May, 2009

Former grad student, Travis Marsico, accepts an Assistant Professorship at Arkansas State University.  Congrats, Travis!

Undergraduate, Kelsey Poinsatte-Jones, wins a Slatt Fellowship from the ND Energy Center in support of her research, April, 2009

Six undergraduates from Notre Dame, Brown University, the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Houston, and the University of Western Ontario perform research in the Hellmann Lab; summer, 2009

Shannon Pelini successfully defends her Ph.D. & begins a postdoc at Harvard Forest, Harvard University, March, 2009

Our undergrad, Jessica Keppel, is accepted to grad school at the University of North Carolina-congrats!

The Managed Relocation (assisted migration) working group holds its second meeting in Santa Barbara, Jan., 2009

City of Chicago announces Climate Action Plan based on report co-authored by Hellmann; Sept., 2008

Travis Marsico successfully defends his Ph.D. & begins a postdoc at Mississippi State University; Aug. 2008

Hellmann and collaborators begin a series of working group meetings on assisted migration (assisted colonization) funded by the NSF and the Cedar Tree Foundation; Aug. 2008

Hellmann and collaborators host a workshop on assisted migration (assisted colonization) at the Ecological Society of America meeting in Milwaukee; Aug. 2008

Five undergraduates from Notre Dame, the University of Tennessee, the University of Portland, the University of Miami, Cabrini College, Cal State San Jose, and the University of Western Ontario perform research in the Hellmann Lab; summer, 2008

Shannon Pelini wins a Graduate Research Environmental Fellowship from the US Department of Energy; March, 2008

Our research is featured by the Garry Oak Ecosystem Recovery Team; July, 2007

Shannon Pelini wins Graduate Women in Science grant; June 2007

Shannon Pelini wins Sigma Xi grant; May, 2007

Kirsten Prior wins Xerces Society grant; April, 2007