Holly Ferguson

M.Arch, M.S., Ph.D. Candidate

Computer Science Research

Having a background in both Computer Science and Building Architecture help my current research efforts that aim to advance integration methodologies between Decision Support Systems and Linked Data Patterns/Ontologies for the Semantic Web. Our work is directly related to 3D Schemas, Mapping, and Geo-Spatial challenges within Risk Assessment and Resilience Systems where Knowledge Base automation is key for Distributed Big Data Mining and Processing. My experience has made me especially ideal for multi-disciplinary teams that work toward generating spatial data intelligence, handling 3D point-cloud data streams, and automating knowledge and decision engines for the built environment.


The papers presented in this section represent my time spent in graduate school studying and researching computer science. These publications contain work pursued during the completion of my Master's Degree in Computer Science, 2011 - 2013 as well as my Ph.D. (degree in progress) in Computer Science, 2013-Present. Selecting the sections to the left will bring up the links for the downloadable PDF of the paper, link to the publication venue, PowerPoint slides if the presentation was given by me at the conference, and the rendered paper itself. This information is best seen using the latest versions of Firefox, IE, or Chrome with the appropriate plug-ins. Note: An () indicates myself as first author on the publication.


(More to be added soon!) A variety of architecture studio projects are presented here. They come from undergraduate, graduate, and international studies completed through the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. This work demonstrates a range of project types and skill sets acquired by myself, mostly dated between 2005 and 2010.


(More to be added soon!) These projects constitute some of my favorite and fun activities. The work here represents a range of class assignments, personal hobbies, and fun projects. If there is further interest, please contact me at: hfergus2@nd.edu.