August 2004 with three grandchildren in Chicago & South Bend

Savannah in Gaga's arms
Nico and the hat girls, Harper porch
Savannah & Geb in dunes
Nico in special hat
Pram on Harper sidewalk
Savannah on the jungle jim
Mireille & Emily at W.Washington
Garage door painters - finished
Mireille jumping at W.Washington
Harper backfence clematis
Nice shot by Daniel at Lincoln Zoo
Lincoln zoo lions, Chicago
Mireille at the elephant drinking fountain
Savannah at the elephant drinking fountai
Monkeys at the monkeyhouse
Geb, Seb & Ava on Michigan Avenue
Ava surprised
Family trio in Marshall Fields
Geb & Vana check the skies
Brigid in Harper kitchen
Geb in Harper kitchen
Harper kitchen group
Sebastien & Mireille in Harper kitchen
Hyde Park 57th street station group
2 happy wet girls in millennium paddle fountain
Ava & Seb in millennium paddle fountain
3 in millennium paddle fountain
Siamese twins in the peanut
Chicago peanut reflections -1
Chicago peanut reflections -2
Gaga-mama group pic in Hyde Park park
Bigler shower gals
2 sandcovered girls at 63rd street beach
Lying down at 63rd street fountain
63rd street fountain runners
Building a 63rd street sandcastle
Arleen & Mireille
Gaga-mama group at Harper

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