Pictures taken in Chicago and South Bend May-July 2004

Bin Lin & Gordon in robes in the garden
It's fun to graduate!
MaryO & David Yeager graduate
Proud Yeager parents
Garfield conservatory dinosaur head
Garfield dino pond
Mary & dino leg bones
Harper front garden flower jungle
Millenium park bandstand
Face fountain millenium park
inside the peanut
Gordon with umbrella
Mary with umbrella
Ava investigating
Ava's newspaper
Sebastien relaxed
Mia Ava & cucumber
Playing on the sidewalk
Ooh! More cucumbers for Ava
Next to the tiger
Chocolate face
Company for Buddha
Blueberry picking
Gaga carries Ava
Amish family
Suspicious amish girl
Amish beards
Amish old folks

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