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Pictures from the August 2004 Teacher Science Institute, at Saint Marys' Science Hall:
Mishawaka teachers from Beiger and Twin Branch schools

Shirley & Karen
Joe "j"esticulating
Classroom view
Learners of Table 1
Learners of Table 2
Learners of Table 3
Learners of Table 4
Learners of Table 5
Learners of Table 6
Learners of Table 7
Learners of Table 8

Pictures from the June, 2004 Teacher Science Institute, at Saint Marys' Science Hall
South Bend's LaSalle Academy Teachers

Two hard-working groups
Joe Bellina asks a question
Deb McCarthy asks a question
Tricky part requires 4 hands
Experienced electricians
Lighting the bulb (and understanding)
Student and teacher

Pictures from the March 10, 2004 meeting, at the Notre Dame Giovanini Center and at the LaSalle Academy
(taken by Suzanne Coshow)

Jerry Hinnefeld and Randy Ruchti give their attention
A rapt group - Connie Sprague, Patsy Boehler, Jesse Warren, and Mary Hynes-Berry
David McKee and Cindy Isenbarger
Joyce Simco, Joe Bellina and Nick Ciotola
Beth Marchant and Judith Tammi
Mary Hynes-Berry and Gordon Berry
Connie Sprague and Patsy Boehler
Teacher Class at LaSalle Academy