Mary's fabric pictures of faithful Jack, plus October 2004 trips to Indiana dunes woods and the Milwaukee/Watertown area

How faithful Jack saved the children in the barn
The barn, the road and the farm
The warm stove
Ma and little children
JACK in 1888
The storm approaches
Hold hands tight for the trip back
Jack leads us all back
The Thankyou tree
The woods today
Mary-and-Gordon Gothic
Ava changes a diaper
Ava on her stairs
Indy downtown
Farming Indiana style
Deep in the Indiana woods
Milwaukee Art Museum (MAM)
MAM ship
MAM entry hall
Mam in MAM
MAM vertically sideways!
MAM view to Lake Michigan
A MAM hole
Man in MAM-hole
A MAM wooden buggy
Mary at the grave of James Griffin (her great-great-great uncle)
St. Bernard's, Watertown
Mural in downtown Watertown
Octagon House, Watertown - site of first USA kindergarten
Mailbox in Hubbleton

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