Mary & Gordon babysit in Paris October 2004

Going to the park - Vercingetorix St.
Collecting in Fontainebleau woods
Justin Mimi Savannah in tree
Branches for a campout
Mary and Libby
Fontainebleau picnic
Swinging tree branch
Fontainebleau woods
Mushroom &frog boot
2 party dresses
Barge on the Seine
Jungle jills
Check the reflections!
Tunnel vision
2 girls on rollers
Paris bridge view
Classic Eiffel tower
The Eiffel fountains
Eiffel with tall lady
Dresses from Lucy
Napoleon's tomb
Marshall Foch
Gaga & Mireille painting
The Tablier Gals
Trio resting in the Montparnasse cemetery
Gaga & Savannah at the Seine
Gag & Savannah still at the Seine
Watching the actors
Savanna & Katherine's lemon tree
Gargoyles on Notre Dame
3 hatted people
Cumberland railroad shop

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