University of Notre Dame College of Engineering



Vladimir ProtasenkoVladimir Protasenko
(Research Assistant Professor, 2013 - )

Vlad’s primary interest is optical investigation of structures. He is interested in quantum efficiency, carrier recombination rate, heat losses, etc. in light emitting diodes, lasers, and photovoltaic cells -- this is his realm.


Zongyang HuZongyang Hu
(Postdoc January 2015 - present)

Zongyang works on GaN power electronics.

Kazuki NomotoKazuki Nomoto
(April 2012 - present)

Kazuki works on advanced GaN HEMTs.

Shudong XiaoShudong Xiao
(April 2013 - present)

Shudong works on LEAST transistors.


Jimy EncomenderoJimy Encomendero
(January 2013 - )

Jimy works on RTD-gated plasma-wave THz devices.

Mingda (Oscar) LiMingda (Oscar) Li
(2012 - )

Oscar works on TFETs.

Bo SongBo Song
(2011 - )

Bo works on advanced GaN HEMTs

Suresh VishwanathSuresh Vishwanath
(2011 - )

Vishwanath works on 2D crystal growth and applications.

Rusen YanRusen Yan
(2010 - )

Rusen works on characterization and applications (primarily optoelectronics) of 2D crystals including graphene, TMDs and others.

Mingda ZhuMingda Zhu
(2012 - )

Mingda works on advanced GaN HEMTs.


Bihan Zhu
(Physics, EE, class 2014)

Katrina MagnoKatrina Magno
(Physics, class 2015)

John WeisenbergerJohn Weisenberger
(EE, class 2015)


Yu CaoYu Cao
(2010, Ph.D. co-advised with Prof. Jena)

Now with Kopin Corporation (MA).

David DeenDavid Deen
(2005 - 2010, Ph.D., now with Seagate)

“Advanced Design of Ultra-Thin Barrier AlN/GaN HEMTs: A Study of Device Design, Modeling and Analysis”

Tian FangTian Fang
(2006 - 2012 ) (co-advised with Professor Debdeep Jena)

“Carrier transport in graphene and GaN high electron mobility transistors.”

Currently he is with First Solar (Ohio).

Jia GuoJia Guo
(2008 - 2012, Ph.D. now with On Semiconductor)

Jia worked on the GaN based High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) simulation, device fabrication and characterization.

Qingling Hang
(8/08 - 07/09) jointly with Prof. Debdeep Jena

Zongyang HuZongyang Hu
(2008 - 2014, Ph.D., now Postdoc at Cornell)

“GaN HEMTs and MOSHFETs for Power Switching Applications”

Vasily KanzyubaVasily Kanzyuba
(January 2014 - August 2014)

Project: Graphene as heat spreader. Vasily worked on graphene CVD growth, functionalization and XPS.

Chuanxin LianChuanxin Lian
(2004 - 2009, Ph.D.)

Now with Global Communication Semiconductors (CA)

Chuanxin Lian (01/10 - 06/10) jointly with Prof. Debdeep Jena.

Subrina RafiqueSubrina Rafique
(2011 - 2012, MS) (co-advised with Prof. Michelle Kelly)

Subrina worked on 2D crystal (such as graphene) growth and novel devices (THz, biosensors).

Berardi Sensale RodriguezRachel Rasmussen
(2006-2009, MS) (Co-advised with Masaru Kuno)

"Photon-assisted DEP alignment and optoelectronic properties of CdS(Se) nanowires"

Berardi Sensale RodriguezBerardi Sensale Rodriguez
(2009 - 2013 Ph.D.) (Co-advised with Prof. Lei Liu)

"Novel Terahertz Devices Based on Tunable 2DEG Systems"

Berardi's doctoral work dealt with the proposal and development of THz devices and systems based on two-dimensional semiconductors and non-traditional electron transport phenomena.

He is currently a tenure-track Assistant Professor at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Utah (Salt Lake City, UT). His research is focused on electromagnetics and nanophotonics.

Ronghua WangRonghua Wang
(2008 - 2013, PhD)

Ronghua worked on GaN based HEMTs fabrication and characterization, for high speed and power applications.

Yuanzheng YueYuanzheng Yue
(Postdoc April 2011 - October 2011, now with ASU)

Yuanzheng worked on advanced GaN devices and ALD deposition of metals/dielectrics.

Yuping ZengYuping Zeng
(Postdoc, October - November 2011, now with UC-Berkeley)

Postdoc at University of California-Berkeley

Guangle ZhouGuangle Zhou
(2008 - 2012, Ph.D. now with ScanDisk)

Guangle worked on III-V semiconductor based Tunneling Field-Effect-Transistors (TFET).

Jing Zhou
(2006, MS)

"Fabrication of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs"

Tom ZimmermannTom Zimmermann
(Postdoc then Visiting Research Assistant Professor, August 2006 - 2010)

Now with Fraunhofer Institute, Duisburg, Germany.


Xiangyang Li
(2006, Visiting Scholar)

Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Phil Cook
(RET, 2011) - Culver Academy, Indiana

•Summer 2008 - Project: Semiconductor ion sensitive field-effect transistors

•Summer 2009 - Project: Graphene preparation and characterization

•Summer 2010 - Project: Comparative study on CVD and epi grapheme using scanning Kelvin probe measurements

Kevin Burke
(2011) - University of Notre Dame / co-advised with Prof. M. Kelly

•Project - Chemical vapor deposition growth of bilayer graphene

Mark Prochaska
(RET, 2010) - Clay High School, South Bend, IN

•Project: ICP-Reactive ion etching of Al2O3

Ian Lightcap
(RET, 2005) - Clay High School, South Bend

Co-advised with D. Jena

•Project: Nanoscale imaging of semiconductors

Now with University of Notre Dame, PhD candidate in Chemistry

Barbara Raynal
(EE 2011, University of Notre Dame)

Now with Duke University

Jane Fleming
(B.S. expected in May 2011, Dual Degree Program at St. Mary’s College and University of Notre Dame

Now with CocaCola

Ian Evans
(B.S. 2009, currently B.S. in Economics at ND)

Jason Kulick (B.S. 2009, currently President, Co-Founder of Indiana Integrated Circuits, LLC)

Summer 2009 with Dr. Jena’s Group