This exhibit was prepared by Theodore J. Cachey, Jr., Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, University of Notre Dame, Louis E. Jordan, Head of the Department of Special Collections, Theodore M. Hesburgh Library, University of Notre Dame, and Christian Y. Dupont, Department of Theology, University of Notre Dame. Mark Olsen of the ARTFL Project, University of Chicago, assisted in the technical elaboration of this effort.

The curators wish to thank for their vital support and assistance Kevin Bailey, Ken Cain, Paul F. Gehl, Melissa Martens, Solveig Nilssen, Mary Beth Rose, Lia Schultz, Joan ten Hoor, Tonia Bernardi Triggiano, Mary Wyly, and Robin Zurawski of The Newberry Library, and Margaret Ankrom, Laura Sue Fuderer, Patti Karpinski, Perry Kirk, Sophia K. Jordan, and Diane Sikorski of the University Libraries of Notre Dame.