Continuazione dell'Entreé d'Espagne: Edition Information

Edition used

Niccolò da Verona. Opere. Pharsale. Continuazione dell'Entrée d'Espagne. Passion. Ed. Franca Di Ninni. Medioevo Veneto. Venezia: Marsilio, 1992.

Rights to the text are currently owned by:

Marsilio Editore s.p.a
30135 Venezia, Marittima-Fabbricato 205
Rights granted by letter, 12 maggio 1995.

Use of the text of the Continuazione was also granted by the editor, 7/7/95.


The source of the Continuazione a single manuscript found at the Biblioteca di San Marco in Venice, known as marc. fr. [marciano francese] V 5, dating to the first half of the fourteenth century. Niccolò's work Pharsale is dated to 1343, which gives a date in which he floruit.

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