Entreé d'Espagne: Edition Information

Edition used

Entrée d'Espagne, 2 vols. Edited by Antoine Thomas. Paris: Firmin Didot, 1913. Société des Anciens Textes Français. Rpt. Johnson Reprint Corp., NYC: NY/London: Berkeley Sq. House, 1968.

Scanned by permission granted M. Monfrin, Sécretaire du SATF, August 4, 1995, to Leslie Z. Morgan.

Address for permissions:

Société des Anciens Textes Français
19, rue de la Sorbonne
Paris 5-e, France

I have followed Thomas in including the "Appendix," the beginning of the so-called Prise de Pampelune (Reinhold) or Continuazione dell'Entrée (DiNinni).


The source of the Entrée is a single manuscript found at the Biblioteca di San Marco in Venice, known as V 21, dating to the first half of the fourteenth century.

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