La Guerra di Attila: Edition Information

Edition used

La Guerra d'Attila by Niccolò da Casola, 2 vols, edited by Guido Stendardo Originally published Modena: Società tipografica modenese, 1941.

Rights to the text are currently owned by:

Mucchi Editori
Via Emilia Est, 1527
41100 Modena, Italia.

Rights to scanning paid May 4, 1996 by Leslie Zarker Morgan through Loyola College in Maryland.


A single ms. of the Biblioteca Estense, 2 vols., W. 8. 16-17. Volume one dates to the mid-fourteenth century; volume 2 to ca. 1367-68 (because of a specific historical reference to a defeat in Southern Italy of Ambrogiuolo Visconti, who subsequently died in 1373).

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