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Our Mission

Japan Club of Notre Dame strives to create an environment within which members of the Notre Dame family can learn, share and celebrate Japan and its culture. We aim to serve as a bridge between Notre Dame and Japanese communities, both in the US and abroad.


What We Do.

Whether you are interested in traditional or contemporary Japanese culture, Japan Club provides a space to share your interests with other Notre Dame, St. Mary’s, and Holy Cross students. Our events are recreational and educational so that everyone may be part of the Japan Club family.


Throughout the year, Japan Club hosts dozens of events for its members. Build friendships in small senpai-kohai gatherings, travel with us on a Japanese culture excursion in Chicago, or eat your way through our many food events, from traditional Japanese sweets workshops to the local sushi crawl.


Get to know us through our many collaborations at Japanese Language and Culture Department events, educational workshops in your dorm, or the annual Asian culture performance, Asian Allure. Did you know we host an annual Autumn Festival where your favorite Asian culture clubs gather together for a celebration of festival foods and games?


Japan Club hopes to continuously teach members more about the rich culture and history of Japan. Think of us as your go to resource for local Japanese culture or an introduction to the many study and work oppportunities here at Notre Dame. Talk to our officers for advice or share your ideas for future educational events.


Above all else, we hope to create a welcoming and positive environment to share Japanese culture. We strive to be a bridge for our members to the larger Japanese community of Notre Dame, South Bend, and the Midwest. We love to connect with our Japan Club alumni and students from around the Midwest and Japan.


See Our Favorite Events.

Take a look at our a few of our favorite events.

Autumn Festival

Japan Club's first Autumn Festival, a collaborative effort of nine Asian culture clubs, the event showcased Chinese moon cakes, Taiwanese lion dance, and much more. More Photos

Suikawari Picnic

Our welcome picnic was a chance for members new and old to come together and enjoy lively summer games, such as watermelon splitting. More Photos

Soran Bushi Dance

Japan Club performed "Soran Bushi" a traditional dance at the University of Notre Dame's Asian Allure 2016. Watch our performances on YouTube. Video

Nabe Thanksgiving

We like to celebrate Thanksgiving by gathering our Japan Club family for a favorite group meal, nabe, a Japanese hot pot. More Photos

Japan Club Retreat

At the beginning of each semester, we host a retreat for our members to relax and enjoy good company, food, and games. This is a great opportunity to meet new friends. More Photos


Every semester, we go on a weekend trip to Chicago to enjoy many activites, such as practicing with Tsukasa Taiko, karaoke, and shopping at the Mitsuwa, the largest Japanese market in the Midwest. More Photos

Meet the Officers.

  • Hello! My name is Seoyoon Ahn and I am a sophomore currently living in Lyons Hall. I am majoring in Economics and minoring in Digital Marketing. As a Secretary, I’ve been enjoying being part of what goes on behind the scenes in Japan Club and I’m excited for all the amazing things we’ll be doing in the future semesters!

    Author image
    Seoyoon Ahn Secretary
  • Hi! My name is Jo’Vette Hawkins. I’m a Neuroscience major in the College of Science, and I am a part of the class of 2024. I live in P-Dub and plan on going to med school sometime after graduation. I’m super excited to contribute to this club.

    Author image
    Jo'Vette Hawkins Diversity Council Representative
  • Hello, I’m Gerry Fernandez, a Junior from Keenan Hall majoring in Computer Science. I have been the Japan Club’s treasurer for at least a year and a half by now, so hopefully I know what I am doing. Hopefully.

    Author image
    Gerry Fernandez Treasurer
  • Hi! I’m Rachel Wang, a junior currently living in Johnson Family Hall majoring in Political Science and International Economics with Japanese! Japan Club has been an indispensable part of my experience here at Notre Dame for the past three years, and I hope I can bring as much joy and passion to the club as the officers before me have. Hoping to have a great year with everyone!

    Author image
    Rachel Wang President
  • Hello, my name is Chris Reynders, a junior residing in Duncan Hall. Currently, I am pursuing degrees in both Computer Science and Design. I’ve been a member of Japan Club since my freshman year and am excited to step up and take a bigger role within the club. I hope to help make this year a great one!

    Author image
    Chris Reyndera Event Coordinator
  • Hello! I am a first year student studying Neuroscience and behavior on the pre-med track and I live in Badin. I am minoring in Studio Art. I am from Brooklyn, New York, but I just recently moved to ATL. I am super excited to be a part of Japan Club as the Public Relations and Historian officer and to help promote this amazing club at Notre Dame!

    Author image
    Tahira Vera Public Relations/Historian
  • Hello. My name is Bryce Leggett. I am a Junior living in Siegfried Hall and majoring in Accounting and Japanese. I’ve been actively involved in Japan Club since my first day on campus and look forward to continuing to support the interests of our members as much as possible.
    Author image
    Bryce Leggett Vice President


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Reach out to see when our next event is. We would love to meet you. Drop us a note if you have a question or if you want to collaborate on an event.

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