Math 20860: Honors Calculus IV

Spring `14


Weekly schedule

 Last semester 

Instructor: Jeffrey Diller (click for contact info, general policies, etc.)

Official Time and place: MWF 11:35-12:25 AM in DBRT 316, and Th 11-11:50 in HH 127

Textbook: Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Differential Forms: A Unified Approach (4th edition) by Hubbard and Hubbard.  This semester I will rely more heavily on the online vector calculus notes by Frank Jones.

What we'll cover: This class is the second semester in a two semester sequence. My plan for this semester is to cover the following

· Higher (especially 2nd) partial derivatives

· Integration on rectangles

·  Line integrals and Green’s Theorem

· Integration on surfaces

· Stokes’ and Gauss’ Theorems

· (time permitting) Beyond curves and hypersurfaces: manifolds in R^n and the general form of Stokes Theorem

How you will be evaluated:

Homework: 40% assigned and collected on Fridays, worth 40% of your final grade. I highly encourage you to work together on homework assignments, but I expect you to write up solutions yourself. No copying allowed! Occasionally I give out extra credit problems. On these, I expect you to work alone.

Midterm Exam: Tuesday 3/18 from 6:30-8:30 in Hayes-Healy 125, worth 20% of final grade.

Final Exam: Wednesday 5/6 from 4:15-6:15 in DBRT 316 (our usual classroom). comprehensive and worth 30% of final grade.

Paper:  required jointly for this course and honors algebra sequence, worth 10% of your grade for my class.   It should be about 10 pages long and contain both some rigorously presented math and some historical context surrounding your chosen topic.   It will be due April 9 and can also be entered in the math department’s annual Taliaferro competition.