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Welcome to the Hicks Group!

Our research group is primarily focused in the area of heterogeneous catalysis.  We seek to understand how the properties and structures of catalysts affect activity and selectivity for specific reactions.  We couple our experimental results with detailed characterization of the heterogeneous catalysts to develop relationships between the catalyst structure and the resulting catalytic activity. We also study catalyst stability at reaction conditions, as fundamental understanding of stability is required for advanced catalyst development and for process commercialization. We currently have projects focused on the synthesis and characterization of new catalytic materials for biofuels applications.  For these reactions, we examine many catalytic processes to convert biomass to biofuels: catalytic pyrolysis, catalytic liquefaction, and gasification.  In other projects, we are employing new synthesis procedures to enhance the stability of metal organic framework catalytic materials.

Latest News

University of Notre Dame | Department of Chemical Engineering

182 Fitzpatrick Hall | Notre Dame, IN 46556 | 574-631-3661

May 2017 - Nikhil received his Master from ND. Congrats!

May 2017 - Jongsik accepted a position at KIST. Congrats!

April 2017 - Jongsik and Dallas's paper was published in Catalysis Science and Technology

February 2017 - Yolanda won the Richard J. Kokes travel award. Congrats!

November 2016 - Patrick and Josh joined the Hicks group! Welcome!

September 2016 - Nikhil and Yolanda presented posters at the CBE research symposium

August 2016 - Yolanda passed her comprehensive exam. Congrats!

August 2016 - Congratulations to Dr. Dallas Rensel for successfully defending and job offer at Great Batch!

June 2016 - Dallas's paper was published in Applied Catalysis A

May 2016 - Congratulations to Dr. Jongsik Kim for successfully defending!

May 2016 - Jongsik and Dallas presented posters at CCC

May 2016 - Dr. Hicks earned tenure and a promotion to Associate Professor! Congrats!

Mar 2016 - Jongsik and Nick's paper was accepted in Applied Catalysis A

Feb. 2016 - Nick has accepted a position at Johnson Matthey


Dec. 2015 - Nick and Jongsik's paper was published in Energy and Fuels


Nov. 2015 - Prof. Hicks presented at 2015 AICHE Conference


Oct. 2015 - Yolanda Bonita joined the Hicks Group. Welcome!


Aug. 2015 - Congratulations to Dr. Nicholas D. McNamara for defending!


Jun. 2015 - Nick and Jongsik presented at NACS in Pittsburgh, PA


Jun. 2015 - Jongsik's paper was pubslihed in CrystEngComm


May 2015 - Greg, Nick, Dallas, Marshall, Jongsik ,and Nikhil presented at CCC


May 2015 - Jongsik's paper was published in Eur. J. Inorg. Chem


May 2015 - Greg won a poster award at the 2015 Spring CCC Symposium. Nice work!


May 2015 - Dallas received the ND CEST Bayer Fellowship - Congrats!

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