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Wireless Access:      Please check here if you need wireless internet access during your visit.


If you do not have a US passport or permanent resident card, you will need to enter the US as a visitor on a business visa (either B1 or WB). When you arrive in the US, you must state that you are entering for business purposes (i.e. a B1 designation on the 1-94 card) or under the visa waiver program and you are requesting a waiver for business purposes (i.e. a WB designation on the I-94 card) and take a letter of invitation from the host institution with you when you apply. This status will enable us to reimburse (travel, meals, lodging) if you have not accepted payments from more than 5 US entities in the previous 6 months. We must have a copy of your passport page, visa page and 1-94 card to reimburse expenses. Click here to read more information.

       Please check here if you will need a letter of invitation.


October 25, 2014