These are different scenes from the summer school "Syzygies, Hilbert functions and generic initial ideals," taught by Aldo Conca and myself. It was held in Cortona, Italy, in July, 2006. It took place (and we slept) at the Palazzone di Cortona, a very old palace currently owned by the University of Pisa. Here I have tried to capture scenes from the school, students and surrounding countryside that will evoke smiles of remembrance from the participants (students and teachers) of this very enjoyable two week period.

1. The sign at the entrance to the Palazzone.

2. Aldo Conca.

3. Olive trees near the Palazzone.

4. The road (mostly uphill) from the Palazzone to the actual town of Cortona.

5. A group watching the semi-finals of the World Cup, between Italy and Germany. This room is in the Palazzone.

6. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool Italy!!!!!!!!!

7. The breakfast room in the Palazzone (and home to several bats). For obvious reasons, the whole place had the feel of a museum.

8. The main room near the entrance, where we had our daily coffee breaks. But here it was prepared for lunch (which usually was outside).

9. More scenery with olive trees.

10. The coffee area.

11. The courtyard immediately outside our classroom.

12. The town of Cortona as seen from the road below.

13. A sign pointing to the Palazzone.

14. The Palazzone, seen from the outside. The ramp is the main entranceway, and the leftmost door below is the nighttime entrance, since the bulk of the building is off-limits at night. My window was the third from the right, top floor.

15. Guess who won the World Cup against France?

16. Another room in the Palazzone. At the end of the hallway is the classroom where we had our lectures and seminars.

17. Great save by Aldo Conca!

18. The church in the main square in Cortona.

19. Coffee break.

20. Getting ready for the group picture.

21. Still getting ready for the group picture.

22. Finally, the group picture.

23. The secretaries at the Palazzone, who make the whole place run smoothly and efficiently.

24. The class, patiently waiting for the professor to put down his camera and start lecturing.

25. My fellow teachers (Aldo Conca on the right, and the professors of the parallel course, Luis Caffarelli and Sandro Salsa).

26. Social dinner, I. Another photo of the group, this time at the social dinner. The students gave Aldo and me T-shirts commemorating the Italian World Cup victory (and a beautiful remembrance of the school).

27. Social dinner, II.

28. Social dinner, III.

29. Social dinner, IV.

30. Social dinner, V.

31. Social dinner, VI.

32. Social dinner, VII.

33. Social dinner, VIII.

34. Social dinner, IX.

35. Social dinner, X.

36. Social dinner, XI.

Panoramic view, I.

Panoramic view, II.

Panoramic view, III.

Panoramic view, IV.