These are different scenes from Italy, taken in June-July, 2000 in Italy. The first part was taken in Sicily, during the Pragmatic school, and the second part was taken during a vacation with my family.

1. A little harbor in Acitrezza (near Catania, Sicily).

2. A little island and a faraglione off the coast of Acitrezza.

3. La dolce vita? Someone fishing out of their car in Acitrezza.

4. A car covered with volcanic ash. Mt. Etna was rather active during our stay, and one day the city of Catania was covered with a fine ash. This car is a good example (actually it's in Acitrezza).

5. The castle at Acicastello (near Catania).

6. The coastline in Acicastello, to the south.

7. The coastline in Acicastello, to the north (with the smoke from Etna slightly visible).

8. Inside a crater on Mt. Etna.

9. The view from Mt. Etna looking down toward Catania.

10. Some ladybugs and flowers that we found amidst the lava on Mt. Etna.

11. The Sicilian countryside (I). This was taken on the bus going from Catania to Modica.

12. Tindari viewed from below. There are some saltwater "lakes" between these cliffs and the sea, and this shot shows part of one of these lakes.

13. A harbor at night in the town of Acireale.

14. The moon over the Mediterranean sea.

15. A harbor near Acireale. The faraglioni and island in the distance are the same ones that you can see closer up in #2 above. Our apartment was on the coastline roughly halfway between that island and the spot where this picture was taken.

16. Siracusa (I). Near the Greek theater.

17. Siracusa (II). L'Orecchio di Dioniso (from inside).

18. Siracusa (III). L'Orecchio di Dioniso (from outside).

19. Siracusa (IV). A restaurant where we had lunch. I love the narrow streets, and I enjoyed eating in a restaurant named after a mathematician.

20. Siracusa (V). The Duomo.

21. Catania (I). The old university building. You can see Tony Geramita and Chris Peterson toward the left.

22. Catania (II). "The elephant," the symbol of the city of Catania. This statue is located across from the Duomo (next picture).

23. Catania (III). The Duomo.

24. The Sicilian countryside (II). Just outside the city of Enna.

25. The Sicilian countryside (III). The city of Enna and some of its surroundings.

26. Mosaics in the city of Piazza Armerina. They had an old Roman villa with an amazing wealth of beautiful mosaics on the floor in all the rooms. This is just a sample.

27. I really like this picture of a sunset taken just outside the city of Alghero (Sardegna), at our hotel.

28. La Grotta di Nettuno, near the city of Alghero.

29. The leaning tower of Pisa. They are working on ways to make sure that it doesn't collapse. Note the cables!

30. Il Campo dei Miracoli, which includes the leaning tower of Pisa, the Duomo and the Baptistry.

31. Inside the Duomo in Florence.

32. One of the famous doors of the Baptistry in Florence. It was so packed with tourists that I almost felt obligated to tell my young children that no, not all Italians speak English with an American accent.

33. The famous statue of David in the Galleria dell'Accademia museum in Florence.