Math 10120: Finite Mathematics
Section 01, Fall, 2020

This webpage is for section 01. The webpage for section 02 is

Class Time/Location.

Section Instructor Time Location
01 Juan Migliore MWF 1:00-1:50 DBRT 126
02 Jacob Landgraf MWF 10:25-11:15 DBRT 136

Instructor Information

Instructor Office Phone Email Office Hours
Juan Migliore HAYE 236 631-7345 Tuesday, 1:00-2:00 or by appointment
Jacob Landgraf HAYE B20 631-9603 TBA

Mariko Jurcsak,
Madison Syufy

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Considerations in view of the Coronavirus pandemic

The following are some points to keep in mind (mildly edited from the university guidelines):

  1. Health and Safety Protocols In this class, as elsewhere on campus, students must comply with all University health and safety protocols, including:

    We are part of a community of learning in which compassionate care for one another is part of our spiritual and social charter. Consequently, compliance with these protocols is an expectation for everyone enrolled in this course. If a student refuses to comply with the University’s health and safety protocols, the student must leave the classroom and will earn an unexcused absence for the class period. Persistent deviation from expected health and safety guidelines may be considered a violation of the University’s “Standards of Conduct,” as articulated in du Lac: A Guide for Student Life, and will be referred accordingly.

  2. Health Checks and Attendance Every morning, members of the Notre Dame Community will be asked to complete a daily health check and submit their information via the Return to Campus Advisor application. The health check application will indicate one of the following:

  3. The hybrid model From day one we will be in the hybrid format (see below) so if you are told not to come to class for health reasons, you can be sure that the zoom room will be operating. But remember that the reason we are hybrid and not entirely online is that part of the class dynamic is lost if you are not there in person.

Ways to get help:

Textbook and online homework information: The textbook is Finite Mathematics, 8th Edition, by Howard L. Rolf. Through the bookstore you can either buy the physical textbook (hybrid edition with access to online homework) or you can buy only the access code to the online homework system (and this option includes an electronic copy of the book). You also have other options. See this link for more information.

WebAssign: WebAssign is the webpage for online homework. It is required that you purchase an access code to set up your account. There is also a class key that you will need, and you will have to do a little setting up. Here is some useful information for setting up your WEbAssign account for section 01. (For section 02 see Jacob Landgraf's webpage; link is given above.)

WebAssign info for section 01.

Here is some more useful information:

Course overview: This course is about chance and strategy. We explore how the everyday concepts of relative frequency, expectation and strategy can be translated into a mathematical theory. By extracting the general principles behind our logical intuition and developing it with some simple tools of mathematics, we develop the theory of probability and game theory. The results can then be applied to solve problems or analyse situations where we encounter these concepts in many different contexts.

Syllabus and Homework schedule: The online homework system used in this class is WebAssign. See above for the link to the schedule. The due dates for the corresponding homework assignments are also given here, as they are on WebAssign itself. You should refer to this after every class to see what online homework problems are assigned for the new material, as well as when the homework is due. If we are forced to make any changes to this schedule, we will let you know. Note that all homework is done online. No physical homework will be collected at any time. Notice that the listed due dates all give 2:00 a.m. as the time due. Effectively this means that really they are due the day before the listed day, unless you usually work after midnight. These deadlines are very firm, and very few exceptions will be granted. See below for more information.

Examinations, quizzes, homework and grades - info: There will be three midterm exams, six quizzes, daily homework and a final exam.

How you will be evaluated: Your course grade will be based on your total score out of 600 points, with points allocated as follows:

Exams: Exam 1

Exam 2 Exam 3

Final Exam


Homework Policy: You will find the link to a complete list of electronic homework due dates above. Note ALL DEADLINES ARE AT 2:00 A.M. ON THE DUE DATE. Effectively this means that the homework is due on the previous night with 2 hours grace. The first three electronic homework assignments are due on January 20, January 20 and January 21 at 2:00 a.m. You are expected to get started on this homework well before that date so that you can iron out any problems you might have with the system on time. If you need help getting started, please let us know as soon as possible. The availability and due dates of all homework allow ample time for completion. Submission of homework can be carried out with any internet connection at any time. Therefore late homework will not be accepted. It is expected that you will start your homework well before the time at which it is due and that if you have to be out of town, you will plan ahead appropriately. In the case of extenuating circumstances, you should get a note from the dean of First Year of Studies or your advisor in order to get credit. Poor time management, a lapse of memory about the 2:00 a.m. deadline for online homework, or a prearranged trip off campus, for any event, will not be considered as extenuating circumstances. If your computer is not working please use one of the many computers available on campus. The online system keeps a complete record of the time you spend online and automatically saves your work. If you are having any trouble with the system mysteriously not giving you credit for your work, please print out your completed work as you do your homework and bring it to class, show it to your instructor in person and they will give you credit.

Make-up exams: Please check the exam dates. Do not make travel plans conflicting with any exam date! In the event that you miss an exam, a note from your advisor or a dean from First Year of Studies will be required in order to be allowed to take a make-up exam. Please send an e-mail to your instructor as soon as possible if you miss an exam.

Exam Conflicts: Exam conflicts are governed by the undergraduate academic code. According to section, students with 3 or more finals in one day, or 4 or more finals in a 24 hour period, may negotiate to change the time of one of these finals. If you intend to request to have the time of your Math 10120 final changed, note the following information from the registrar’s home page: “Students who have an exam conflict may submit an exam conflict eForm no later than seven days prior to final exam week. On insideND, search for the eForms task to initiate an exam conflict request.” According to the ou must talk to your dean (or the dean's designee) at least one week before the start of the final exam period (see section of the undergraduate academic code). You must also contact your dean to resolve exam conflicts during the semester.

Honor Code: Examinations, quizzes and homework are conducted under the honor code. While discussion in small groups in doing homework is permitted (and strongly encouraged) in this course, the work should be your own. Having someone do your online homework for you is a violation of the honor code. Exams are closed book and are to be done completely by yourself with no help from others. You will not be allowed to collaborate on exams or quizzes. Calculators will be allowed for exams. On the first day of class I will give you a handout and I will give you very clear explanations of what is expected of you in the course and how the Honor Code applies to your work. This is important information, and if for some reason you are not in class on the first day, be sure to talk to me about it!! As always, you are strongly encouraged to come talk to me at any time if you are having any problems with anything.