These pictures were taken in and near Catania during the Pragmatic school, June 2000. These pictures focus on the participants of the school.

1. Lunch with Peppino Paxia, Alfio Ragusa and Chris Peterson the day before the students started to arrive.

2. At the castello in Acicastello. Pictured are Chris Peterson, Tony Geramita, Anna Bigatti and Lucia Marino.

3. Alfio Ragusa, the main organizer of Pragmatic, giving the welcoming address on June 7, 2000.

4. Tony Geramita giving the first lecture on June 8, 2000.

5. Adam Van Tuyl and Chris Peterson inside a crater on Mt. Etna. The volcano was particularly active during this period, but it is not clear if Adam and Chris had anything to do with that.

6. A group on Mt. Etna. Pictured are Cristiano Bocci, Feza Arslan, Silvia Abrescia, Enrico Carlini, Adam Van Tuyl, Chris Peterson and Selma Altinok.

7. The first man on Mars.

8. A fico d'India plant standing next to Chris Peterson.

9. Watching a soccer game. A group of Pragmatici watch Italy play soccer in the European championship, during a trip to Tindari. Italy won.

10. Greek/Roman ruins. A group of Pragmatici on a tour of ruins in Tindari.

11. Group picture. This is the whole group, students and professors, apart from one student.

12. The missing student. This is the student missing from the group picture (left).

13. Enrico Carlini's birthday. We went to dinner to celebrate the near-end of the program and Enrico's birthday.

14. The present. Enrico received a T-shirt signed by all the participants. A great souvenir.

15. Let the talks begin!. On the last day, all the student groups presented the results of their 3 weeks of research and work.